1. broj15

    noob rack mount questions: power amp power vs. cab power handling?

    So I've come across a pretty good deal on a rack mount preamp and it's motivated to redo my rig. I know rack mount stuff isn't as popular as it used to be, but it seems like the lightest and cheapest way to get an excessively loud rig, especially when you factor in long term costs of a tube amp...
  2. N

    Using DAW OUTPUT as MIC INPUT for streaming/gaming/skype etc.

    Hey guys, I use Reaper to EQ, gate and compress my microphone audio. I would like to use this processed output as an input for things such as: Zoom calls Game chat streaming skype Discord TeamSpeak My setup: Shure SM57 microphone M-Audio c400 interface Windows 10 PC Reaper DAW REAPER...
  3. guitaardvark

    Weak Sound in Bridge Pickup After Pickup Change

    Hey all, I see this problem all over the internet, but I've either tried everything that gets suggested or OPs rarely follow up with helpful solutions. I changed the bridge pickup in my RG470 to a DiMarzio Air Zone. Before installing it, I installed a DiMarzio pickup cover on it using this...
  4. Gmork

    Can PODxtLive use DI output to sound guy and output to poweramp/cab simultaneously?

    Just what the title says. Im on the verge of getting a podxt live for $100, then ill probably get the metal shop pack.
  5. A

    I need suggestions for better pickups (active)?

    Hi, I own an Agile Interceptor 7 string with EMG 707s that I got last November. The guitar plays great, and acoustically, it sounds amazing and loud compared to my other electric guitars. However, when I record with it, it sounds so dark and muffled, as if it's being recorded from behind a...
  6. neurosis

    Apogee ONE XLR and Laney Ironheart Studio

    Maybe this is a complete self-explanatory thing but I am reading on it and can't wrap my head around it. Can the XLR out on the Ironheart Studio be plugged directly into the XLR in on the Apogee one without damaging either one of the two? If any of you is so kind to respond could you point...
  7. P

    Rackmount Channel Joining

    So my bass rig consists of a dirty channel and a clean channel. At the end, I want to merge both channels to go out to the board as a single output. What exists that can do this and not sound like garbage? Anything in rack form? I really don't plan on using an ABY box or a mixer to do so but if...
  8. A


    Alright, so I've been trying to do the whole home demo thing for years now. Never had a good interface (waiting to get podfarm still...), but I was fortunate enough to be able to get a friend to give me his license of Logic express 9 a year or two ago. Any way, no matter what settings I use...
  9. T

    Locking strap pin / output jack

    I am building my first guitar, and I'm wondering if anyone can help me with the following: I'm trying to find a locking strap pin that is ALSO an output jack. My axe is going to be very simple and clean, so I'd like to combine these if possible. I have already found a strap pin that is an...
  10. ibanezcollector

    NAD: Fender Mustang III and a MOD to go with it.

    Ok I was looking for a nice amp for cleans, and I randomly played this Fender Mustang III in a local GC. I was floored by how nice the cleans were. I mean they are beautifully lush. Anyways it was used and picked it up dirt cheap. Never really looked at the back of the amp when I bought it...
  11. A

    Computer Output?

    hello, so i wanted to output my guitar(which runs through a pod to my computer) from my computer speakers, but mac does not have the option to output the sound that is coming in, so my question is: is there a program dedicated to outputting sound that is being inputted? thanks for the help!
  12. dsgn09

    Superior 2.0 Multi-Out to Logic HELP!!

    Hey guys - So I am trying to set up S2.0 to do multi-channel output. Whenever I set up my channel, I go to the mixer, and attempt to change the outputs of my drum mics. However, when I go to select the outs, they are all mono (Output 1, Output 2, Output 3, etc.) instead of stereo (Output...
  13. loktide

    BKP Warpig: moderate output?

    hi guys, i recently bought a warpig from zimbloth which i currently have installed in my 07 LP standard. I'm VERY pleased with this pickup so far, but find it strange that despite it's supposed to be BKPs hottest pickup, it actually has significantly LESS output than the Painkiller 7 i had in...