1. neurosis

    What should I look for when buying a Universe UV777

    Hi all, I have been seeing more of these popping up for sale and was considering picking one up. It seems the prices fluctuate quite a bit so I would like to know if that's for a specific reason like a change in specs or quality over time or just a result of market adjustments. This is one of...
  2. huhngott

    Strandberg Boden Original 6 (EU)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Strandberg Boden Original 6 Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): Strandberg Bag Location (City,State or City,Country): Leiria, Portugal International OK? : EUROPE ONLY Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM References (eBay or other...
  3. Ikke


    Dreams come true! @Crash Dandicoot https://espguitars.co.jp/productinfo/16185/ BODY Alder (Thickness 45mm) NECK Hard Maple (CT System Head) GRIP SHAPE Slim U FINGERBOARD Honduras Rosewood RADIUS 305R SCALE 648mm NUT Unbleached Bone (46mm) <-- This is the most important spec. FRET...
  4. EMTY

    Where did he go?!

    Some short background. Was watching som random crap on YT when I saw a live clip of Threat Signal (McKnight era) in the recommendations, and man, that dude is amazing. This set me on a hunt for a video of him playing an original song (not Intandem) and what he's been up to, in general. Frankly...
  5. manu80

    NGD • MUSK Skate Guitar

    Hi there! You like funny things? strage stuff? weird shape guitar? You like ST and Possessed to Skate song ? Got something for you, come over here ! (you like reading too? ;) ) I was roaming on the net last february as usual to see what could be my next gas, and remembered ont time seeing a...
  6. ra1der2

    Compassionate Chaos - Of the Sun

    Hey what's up guys. My band Compassionate Chaos released a rock tune in 2017, Of the Sun. I wrote and recorded it at a studio in SWFL on stronghold (my avatar), a modified agile intrepid 828 w/bkp warpig, a modified schecter 8 w/custom nordstrand, a vintage bc rich virgin bass, and a 5 string...
  7. peterkienle

    New original suite for seven string classical

    Just released "Trail Mix", a five part suite for seven string classical guitar. http://www.levelthreemusic.com/?page_id=6&amp;myID=8203&amp;myKey=CC My classical playing lags behind my writing, but here is a mediocre recording of movement 4...
  8. Pandaonslaught

    ESP Original FRX-CTM - Black Cherry Sunburst

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: ESP Original FRX-CTM - Black Cherry Sunburst Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original Hardshell Location (City,State or City,Country): Maryland, United States International OK? : no References (eBay or other forum...
  9. HumanFuseBen

    How about some Uncle Ben original music?! Space sludge ahoy!

    Hey guys! So i've just started up a Bandcamp page where i'll be posting my original tunes for everyone to check out. First up is a tune i wrote called Cloud. Most people have heard Vai/Devin/Meshuggah/sludge/spacedinosaurs/Richard Petty out of it, but i'll let you all be the judge. aristides...
  10. O

    New Drop G flat original metal song!

    How's everyone doing!? It's been a while since I posted here, I've done a little upgrading since my last posts, just wanted to share one of my recent ideas that I have a playthrough up for! I'm playing my Ibanez RGDIX7MPB-SBB, which is made in Indonesia but plays realllly well even though. If...
  11. KBIBBY89

    Carvin Guitars Floyd Rose

    Does anybody know if Carvin puts the original Floyds on their guitars? I'm getting the DC7x with the FR. They said they put on the "original" but I don't know if they're getting it confused with the 1000 series. I wanted to see if anybody took a closer look.
  12. gogolXmogol

    ESP VP-SL Viper Baritone original series Japan Custom Shop

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: ESP Viper Baritone original series (VP-SL model) made by ESP Japan Custom Shop Modifiations (if any): Dunlop dual design straplocks. Currently the guitar features emg pups, but before shipping I will install original SD SH-14/SH-1N as well as original...
  13. terran236

    Storms and Glass Memories [original] have the patience? ;)

    After working on this song for like 2-3 months. Finally got it done. If you have the patience to listen, I highly appreciate it! Its influenced by various prog bands, Nobuo uematsu and even the late James Horner (R.I.P) as well as other assorted genres. I wont bore you with details! You judge...
  14. O

    A song I wrote on my Ibanez RG350M!

    Howdy y'all! Just wanted to share this song I wrote a little while ago on my Ibanez RG350M, for the tones I actually used EZMix 2, went back and updated the drums to Superior Drummer 2.0 from EZDrummer but any tips for a better guitar tone? If you're familiar with EZMix all I did was drag Misha...
  15. O

    New 8 string Progressive Metal!

    How's it going y'all! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I recently got my Eleven Rack back with Pro Tools so I'm back at full capacity, still rusty on things but here's the mix so far, as always critique and feedback welcome, and if you have any original content please share...
  16. brycegoertzen

    Opeth Inspired Song

    Hey Stringers! I recorded this little tune last week using some knowledge gained from an online mixing course (hardcoremixing.com) and wanted to share it here for some criticism, constructive or otherwise. The Gear used to record this is as follows: -Axe fx 2 for all guitar and bass tones -...
  17. O

    New Original Progressive Metal!

    How's everyone doing! Just sitting here working on some new material and thought I would share it and see if anyone likes the sound so far! This is just a small sample and I re-tracked the guitars already but let me know what you think! Feel free to post any of your original progressive material...
  18. O

    Some new Drop C six string material!

    How's everyone doing? Just wanted to share a recent video I made playing along to some new material I wrote. I would be posting more 8 string content but I busted my high E string so it just doesn't feel right. Anyways let me know what you think, and definitely post a link to any material you're...
  19. Error10110

    Please check out my video and give your opinion \m/

  20. Martis93

    Lead guitar part excerpt video!

    Hi guys, long time no post. As always, I'm open to criticism and tips, how does the mix sound on this one? The mastering always destroys my songs, but I think I'm slowly improving.