orange cabs

  1. B

    Mesa Dual rectifier solo head help!

    I have a mesa Dual rectifier solo head paired up with and orange ppc412 cab, and i was wondering if there is any channel setting recommendations and/or any pedal set ups. I am currently running a boss noise suppressor and an ibanez tubescreamer. I play in a band that plays Southern/Hardcore...
  2. andyjanson

    Power Amp for PPC212

    Hey, new guy here - basically, im thinking of switching to a rack system for gigging. The axe fx is way outside my budget, so im thinking of going with a GSP1101 based on the premise that if its good enough for dave mustaine.... Thing is, its impossible to garuantee a decent, reliable PA to...
  3. TimMcKiernan

    Orange 4x12 Cab question.

    Hey guys, I'm considering buying an Orange 412 and since it's a little heavy I'm considering putting wheels on it. I've heard from a few people that the reason the Oranges don't have wheels on them is something to do with the bass transfer to the floor or something along the lines of that...
  4. matttttYCE

    Orange PPC412 much of a difference from the old 18ply?

    I've tried searching a few times and haven't really found much on this. Recently, I stumbled across a thread where someone said the current 13ply versions aren't quite worth the cash anymore... So does anyone here have one of the newer 13ply Orange 4x12s? Or better yet, anyone had experience...
  5. Codyyy

    Orange cabs: where is the magic?

    There seem to be many folks here that stand by Orange cabs. It seems that they have two models, one with V30's, and one with other Celestions. I'm wondering of the magic of Orange cabs extends to the V30 model, or if people just really love the one with the other speakers. Are there any other...