1. Zhysick

    NGD: Use your Solar powered connection because it's pic heavy

    Hi fellow forumites! Some of you followed my adventure about me deciding which Evertune equipped guitar to buy and this was the result of... the casualities because this is not the guitar I chose but the one I wanted at first (LTD MH1000ET) was in stock, then it wasn't and there was no...
  2. vanaheim_michael

    NGD: Solar V1.7

    First of all, my native language is not English but I want to tell the full story of my Solar V1.7 experience. Unfortunately we have to start with a negative story that turned into a very positive one thanks to Ola and Thomann. Just want to let people know that situations like this can happen...
  3. Annonnymous

    Washburn Solar 170c 2014 any good?

    I've heard the later Washburn Parallaxe Solar guitars, that were also made in Indonesia were good, but I've also seen people here who were not very happy with their 2013/2014 made ones? The serial number of the guitar I'm looking at starts with 1405, guess it was made in May 2014? Is it worth...
  4. W

    STRANDBERG #26 Ola built True Temperament neck!

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar:About This Project .strandberg True Temperament Guitars – #26 The True Temperament™ Fretting System is an amazing Swedish invention that provides close to perfect intonation for every note across the fretboard. Chords ring sweeter, louder and...
  5. HumanFuseBen

    PositiveGrid Bias Professional demo! Ibanez 7/Duncan Nazgul

    Hey guys! I just did this recording to demonstrate the new PositiveGrid Bias Professional software. All the guitars and bass were recorded using Bias! Really killer, especially for anyone wanting to record great guitar tone at home but doesn't have the budget for a Fractal or a Kemper. Also...
  6. Mwoit

    .strandberg* #51

    .strandberg* #51 Yaaas.
  7. ihunda

    NGD Strandberg USA Boden CL7

    OK, I’ll admit this is pure GAS, I had to try a Boden, my friend Olisdead saw a used one (what are the odds?) in a local French website and I quickly pulled the trigger! This thing is like no other guitar I played or own, I won’t say it’s a home run but boy, it’s something else. Pics…...
  8. Brody

    Critique my mix. Ola content.

    So i recently got the Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Sentient combo in my RGD 2127z and I figured I would do a test with how they sit in my mix whilst playing through my 5150 III. You'll recognize the first bit, as it is kind of an Ola rip, but then it goes off into something else. I know the...
  9. technomancer

    Pedal: ARC Effects Klone $150 OBO

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear: Arc Effects Klone Great condition, one small scratch on the bottom that I couldn't get to show up in photos. Pedal came with scratch from the builder More about the pedal: Klone -- ARC Effects Location: Pittsburgh, PA International OK: NO INTERNATIONAL...
  10. MetalBuddah

    Seymour Duncan Distortion 8s

    Just saw this on Ola Englund's facebook page: New custom Seymour Duncan Distortion pickups for his Solar 8. I believe they are a Seymour Duncan custom job, but I feel like this might be something we will be seeing soon. Glad to see more passive 8 string pickups that aren't BKP. Only...
  11. clems6belio

    SCARPOINT : rerecording (heavy content)

    HI guys. I assume that everybody here knows Scarpoint, or at least Ola Englund (fearedse on YouTube) (if it's not hte case, check this Scarpoint | Facebook). Scarpoint by clems6belio on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free I rerecorded a part of the track "Ugly", from...