1. ThomasVB

    Fulltone OCD high gain test (video)

    Made a video to test the Fulltone OCD and see if I can use the pedal for high gain purposes instead of crunch/overdrive. I think the result is not bad, but it lacks when it comes to how it feels. Actually reminds me of the times I had marshall amps (which I personally don't like for high gain)...
  2. odibrom

    May I present you... PSIORB!

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI4pXryXT-AgqcNcZpTYlWA? https://www.facebook.com/psiorb/ Hello fellows! May I present you my band PSIORB (yeah, it's in my sig...). We play a 3 piece instrumental progressive heavy rock/metal... or something alike. Last May's 2nd me and the guys in PSIORB set...
  3. Adversor

    Fulltone OCD V4 Overdrive Pedal

    Fulltone OCD V4 with original box and instructions in great shape. Has velcro on the bottom. Location: Laredo, TX International OK? : No Contact Info: [email protected] References: Check my feedback here Price: $80 shipped CONUS Pictures:
  4. jarledge

    Am I in the wrong on this ?

    I had a customer come with a fulltone OCD pedal that he said wasn't functioning correctly. Cool, I don't really work on pedals too much so I thought I would contact fulltone about how to proceed with getting the customer fixed up. Here is my initial email. Hello. My name is jordan and I am...
  5. LetsMosey

    /FT Pedals for sale: Xotic EP Booster & MXR Custom Comp

    EDIT: Xotic EP Booster is sold! Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: MXR Custom Comp compressor pedal. In 8/10 condition. There are some super tiny chips in a few different spots, but nothing major. Never used live, only in the studio. The pedal looks and works great. Modifications (if...
  6. AliceLG

    NP(s)D!!! OCD and Volume content

    Hey all, a pic first: So, after too much googling about overdrives I decided to follow the hype and I got me a Fulltone OCD. This little box rips! I always felt there was something missing from my HT-5 dirty channel, but I could never put my finger on it. Now I know. The OCD has turned my...
  7. Homebrew1709

    Fulltone OCD

    As my other post about ODs in front of high gain amps may suggest, I have a hankering to try out some pedals in front of my Pitbull 50-CL. A found a good deal on a Fulltone OCD v.4 ($95 on Craigslist) and was wondering if there are any significant differences between the different versions of...