1. technomancer

    NHL 2021-2022

    With the expansion draft for the Kracken and then the entry draft coming up time to put up the new thread
  2. technomancer

    NHL 2021

    Seems like it is about time for this
  3. technomancer

    NHL 2019-2020

    The draft is tonight so seems like a good time to kick off the thread for the new season.
  4. technomancer

    NHL 2018 - 2019

    Time to kick off a new thread. And just for our favorite Habs fan :lol: GM Marc Bergevin to Blame for Montreal Canadiens Decline
  5. technomancer

    NHL 2017 - 2018

    So seems like time to start a new thread for next season
  6. lammendam

    NHL - Studies show playing guitar can increase goaltenders' abilities

    The NHL posted an article about the neurological relationship between being a goalie and a guitarist. It talks about muscle memory, hand eye coordination, stuff like that. Thought you guys might find this interesting. Guitar playing can improve a goaltender's glove hand according to research...
  7. technomancer

    NHL 2013 - 2014

    When development camps start for the upcoming season its time for a new thread ;)
  8. technomancer

    NHL 2011-2012 Thread

    Well, the awards and the draft are over and the prospect camps have started, time to move from the 2010-2011 to 2011-2012 thread :lol:
  9. troyguitar

    NHL 2009-2010 Thread

    ...and I can't fucking watch it despite taking off early from work to be home for a 3PM Eastern start. Versus has exclusive rights to the Red Wings games in Stockholm. Comcast apparently bought Versus and is not allowing DirecTV to carry the network any longer. Since VS has an exclusive...
  10. Popsyche

    NHL Thread

    It had to happen! We need a place to talk hawkey. SO, all you Maple tree hugging, faux(and real) syrup slurpin' hockey geeks come out of the (maple) woodwork, and talk some smack for your team! Me first! Flyers +Gagne+ Forsberg + Niittimmaakkii = CUP!