new video

  1. EvgenTsibulin

    New Single & Music Video from Siberian Prog-Metal Project.

    Hey, everyone! Proud and happy to be able to share with you the new single and music video of my progressive metal project. This is the result of the work made by whole team of creative people and musicians based in my hometown in Siberia. Guest solo was recorded by russian guitar virtuozo...
  2. guitarneeraj

    Decapitated - Pest (Official Music Video)

    Was surfin' videos on youtube and came across this!!! Freshly uploaded last week. Enjoy! :mf666:
  3. sakeido

    The Tesseract Megathread: Sonder Released - TesseracT - Milton Keynes / Reading, UK - Metal / Progressive / Experimental - WOW Bulb mixed with Pink Floyd plus awesome production makes these guys