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  1. Ahull302

    Hi from Delaware

    what's up everyone? Long time lurker here. Decided to finally sign up as most of the information I get comes from here usually. I am currently getting my long stowed away music project off the ground here in Delaware under the name Ov Eden. We are tracking vocals for a short demo here the next...
  2. C

    Greetings from Indiana

    Hello all, I'm a sometime scourer of the great information on here and now a member. I started playing guitar when I was 15 or 16 but then lost it due to being bad at time management with heavy school, work, and family duties. I'm trying to get back into it since I long to do it without...
  3. Christopher Beattie

    New Here

    Hey guys I'm pretty new the site so I figured I'd do this thing. I'm 21 and have been playing guitar and writing music for about 11 years now. I'm into pretty much everything metal, as well as progressive rock, post rock and some experimental hip hop. Some of my favorite bands are BTBAM...
  4. Kylefromhell

    New guy

    Yo, so after skimming through this forum for a while, I’m finally taking the plunge and buying my first 7 string, so I figured now would be the perfect to sign up and pick a couple of brains. I’ve played guitar on and off since I was 16, mostly playing skate punk type stuff, then venturing into...
  5. John

    New member (somewhat), stopping by to say hello.

    Hey, I'm John. I technically joined awhile back, but I never actually spent much time here. I hope to be a bit more active in time. Anyways, a bit about myself- I've played guitar on and off for awhile, and I sometimes try writing music. In fact, I recently released an album. It's available on...
  6. Gene Dismukes

    Hello from Sacramento, CA

    Hey everyone, my name is Eugene or Gene either one works. I've been playing guitar for maybe 12 years but seriously for about 3 or 4, but with that still I should be a lot better haha. My influences are John Petrucci, Matt Heafy, Brian Haner Jr., Howard Jones, Chris Clancy, Chris Motionless...
  7. K

    Extended range new guy from Glasgow

    Alrighty folks, hope everyone's well, I just got my first proper taste of extended range, and since I've come here most times for things regarding Ibanez or metal guitars in general, I figured now was as good a time as any to sign up. So I've been playing six strings for just about 11 years...
  8. Visualist

    New Prog Metal band from NJ

    Hey guys, We're a new Progressive Metal trio from New Jersey called Visualist seeking members so if you are in the NJ or NYC area please give us a shout. Social media, photos, videos coming soon... we'll be sure to post them on the forum. Looking forward to being a part of the SSO community!
  9. J

    Hello from california

    hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself. my name is jon and im a self taught mediocre guitarist from the central valley in california. my musical influences vary from legends such as jimmy page to newer "youtube musicians" such as ryan bruce (fluff), to hip hop artists such as kendrick lamar...
  10. T

    New member from Cleveland... (depressed sigh)!

    Hola all, another long time lurker and first time poster. Everything on this forum has been incredibly useful actually, and I feel like this could be a pretty good home for me to... start my internet rep, if you know what I mean:ugh:. So, about me- I'm sorry if my ego gets the best of me, so...
  11. Jobam-Martins

    Hello,how are You?

    Hey guys, how are You? I'm Jobam.Nice to meet You! I'm new here. This is my very first experience with forums. I've started my solo project 2 years ago but recently I've bought some recording equipments so now I can record on my home,finally. I've been having troubles recording and mixing my...
  12. WrldEtrBenny

    Sup Guys? New Member.

    My name is Ben. Ive been a long time reader/lurker of this forum and i thought it was about time i joined.:rolleyes: I live in a small town called Wagga Wagga, Australia. (in-between Melbourne and Sydney) Ive been playing guitar for about 6 years. but for the most part of last year i didn't...
  13. leoseanster12

    Think I may have found a haven

    Hey guys, guess I'll start with a little introduction. My name's Sean, hometown's in Malaysia but I've been studying in Melbourne for about 6 years now. This site's been on my radar for quite some time, and I realise that whenever I just want to surround myself with guitar stuff, this site...
  14. T

    Hello from Massachusetts

    Hey Guys, I live in a small town in Cape Cod Mass. I'm 17 years old and have been playing guitar since I was 8. I love all music, and have plans to make a career out of it. Currently I study jazz with my private teacher whom i've been with for 5 years but I have roots in punk and rock...
  15. atplay

    Greetings from the Netherlands

    Hello! Never really introduced myself here and thought I'd just do it now :rolleyes: I'm Thijs (like Tyson w/o the on), 25, student, play guitar and also a bit piano. I've had lessons for 8 years and I used to be in a couple of bands with school friends but I'm not anymore. My 'roots' are in...
  16. G

    Hey there SS.ORG

    Hey, my name's Andrejs and I live in a Albany, a small town in the south of western australia. I have been playing with my band The Coil for around 4 years now as songwriter and lead guitarist. Been playing a 7-string for around 6 years now and would never turn back. I seem to have developed...
  17. O

    Hey Guys!

    My name is Warren and I play in the band Faith in Shadows, we with some other members have a side project called Levels. I'm here mainly cuz I'm lookin for tips on mixing and getting the cleanest sound possible out of my gear. I think this might be the place to do it. Cheers!:hbang:
  18. willy petro

    Good songs To learn?

    Hi! Im new to the art of the 7th string and was wondering what are some good songs to start learning to get used to playing it? Any genre will do as long as its music.
  19. E

    Wanting to become a gear head

    hi im new here, and my friend recomended the sight to me and told me to just read read read so i could learn my gear. Ive been playing guitar for about 3 years now and play guitar for a band called As The World Weeps. If you wanna check my youtube vids my channel is...
  20. E

    John Stien Reporting for Duty.!.

    High You All, Im just another kid here to share some good music and connect with the world around me... Ill be posting tunes shortly and offering custom Napalm guitar finishes to all that are interested. -John s.