new album

  1. ChugThisBoy

    Dark Raven Project - "COMPLETION" New Album 2022

    Hello there! If the section is wrong, please feel free to move the thread or delete it :yesway: The only reason I'm sharing this is because of the amount of hours I spent on this forum already and how much I love it here 💗 This is my latest album called "Completion" and I've been working on...
  2. leechmasterargentina

    Leechmaster - Escape (New album)

    I've just released a new album with Leechmaster, a personal project of my own. The album is into the genres of Groove Metal/Nu-Metal/Alternative Metal. You can listen the album from the following links: Spotify:
  3. Forkface

    Black Crown Initiate - Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape, out now

    Looked around for a thread for this, kinda surprised there wasn't one. Album dropped today and i gotta say, straight up jumped to AOTY contender #1. if you haven't listened do yourself a favor and pls do so. 50 mins of some of the best Metal i've heard in years. and the solo in holy silence...
  4. John

    I finished an album (I wrote, recorded, mixed the songs). Feedback welcome.

    Hey, new guy here I recently finished an album and released it across the interwebs. Apart from it being my work in regards to the words and music, I also recorded and mixed it. It would be remiss of me to neither share my work, nor some of what I've used or done during the recording process...
  5. villis

    My debut solo album!

    Ok the time has come guys! :banana: ***** Check out my first bass solo album, based on jazz fusion and progressive metal elements ***** Official web page : Official Facebook page : Production by Kristian Efremidis and...
  6. villis

    My first personal album (sneak peak)

    Hello guys!! This is a small clip of my upcoming album named Hakuna Bassata, i will link very soon the links that you can download the whole album ! All the Best !! Villis
  7. RLG167

    Any Necrophagist News???

    Has anyone heard anything about new Necrophagist, if they are working on new material, or even where the members are? Last I heard everyone went out of the public light after a tour in 2009 where they played a new song that was supposed to be from the new album. I had also heard a rumor that...
  8. S

    My Debut Prog Metal EP is Coming to Kickstarter - Sonder by Sopko

    Hey Everyone! In a few days I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund my Debut EP, Sonder! Check out my facebook page for updates and please help me spread the word! I will also be posting updates to this thread! Sopko Official Page As a added bonus I have a 2 guest solo spots...
  9. F

    Seriously what is up with people putting albums out this year

    it seems like every morning I wake up someone tells me another band is putting something out this year this morning it was about the least expected thing ever Trent Reznor says Nine Inch Nails will return in 2016 | Consequence of Sound seriously? NIN(who I was pretty sure was defunct) is...
  10. Marc In Exile

    PAINTED IN EXILE Crowdfunding NEW ALBUM w/ Jamie King - ends in 2 DAYS!

    ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT, and we're 80% funded... that's almost $12,000 w/ only $3,000 to go. and that's right...New Full-Length w/ JAMIE KING. photo uploading Check out tons of previews on our Facebook: and...
  11. Empirine

    [New Release] Empirine - The Vermilion King, inspired by the Dark Tower

    Hey guys! Empirine from Sweden here to tell you that we've just releases the new six track ep "The Vermilion King". Heavily inspired by bands like Dimmu Borgir, The Faceless and Cynic, we try to make something out of the ordinary with robotic vocals combined with heavy death metal growls and...
  12. Dylemus

    New Instrumental Prog :^)

    Hey guys, my debut album for my project Animus just released. Check it out! If you guys like it, please feel free to share this around!
  13. Goatfork

    New Nott EP Out Now (One Thread is Plenty)

    Yesterday I made the 2 week announcement for the November 25th release of my new EP: Abyssal. I you haven't checked out Nott yet (NOTT Are A Violent Thunderstorm Of Heaviness - Metal Injection) you can get the music at my Bandcamp and like the Facebook page for more consistent updates and...
  14. D

    New Suicide Silence album is going to be titled "You Can't Stop Me"

    Tracklist: 1) M.A.L. 2) Inherit The Crown 3) Cease To Exist 4) Sacred Words 5) Control (feat. George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher) 6) Warrior 7) You Can’t Stop Me 8) Monster Within (feat. Greg Puciato) 9) We Have All Had Enough 10) Ending Is The Beginning 11) Don’t Die 12)...
  15. neurosis

    Leprous. What songs use 8 strings?

    Hello all. I could´t find anything about this in the forum so I hope I am not cloning posts here. I so just shut shut it down. I have been listening to Leprous again lately and talking to a friend I heard they are using 8 strings now. I can tell some low range in the new album. Especially...
  16. DeathPaupiette

    New Dream Theater track released - Along For The Ride

    Avant première : le 23 septembre Dream Theater sortira son nouvel... | Metalorgie Any opinions on this ?
  17. BladeDTMGuitarist

    New Black Sabbath Album 13

    I preordered the new album 13 on vinyl, I recieved it on friday. The album is great all the songs are well written, the solos are great, it sounds like classic Black Sabbath. I'm very happy they made this album, can't wait to go see them in August in Indianapolis.
  18. TelegramSam

    Jake E. Lee's new album?

    When is it out? Or do I have my head in the sand? I heard rumours that he pulled it a while ago, but also other rumours that it's coming soon :scratch: Any ideas?
  19. Bucketheadtwo

    Paramore's New Self-Titled Album

    Just picked this up a few days ago. I've listened through it at least 4 times and can't get enough! I'm really into the new feel of them trying out an all new style (on almost every song in fact!). It still feels like Paramore to me, but with this new much-less-punky approach on most songs. The...
  20. DXL

    New Megadeth Album Title Released

    Megadeth just released the name of their new album to be Super Collider and is set to be released this June under Dave Mustaine's personal record label Tradecraft, so fucking pumped :scream...