1. Emperor Guillotine

    WTB Reaper Pedals John Browne Signature Pandemonium (V1)

    DESCRIPTION: I'm looking to track down one of the old V1 John Browne signature overdrive pedals from Reaper Pedals. Standard model or limited, plexi-topped edition. I actually had one (pictured below) years ago; however, I sold it when I was going through a phase of having to sell off all of...
  2. BlueTrident

    Schecter John Browne signature?

    I came across this video from John Browne’s Riffhard channel where they recently posted a playthrough video. Only the thing is, he’s not playing his Mayones signature but a Schecter that looks a lot like his Duvell signature… Looks like Schecter is swinging hard in the prog genre…
  3. HexaneLake

    John Browne's Injury?

    Hey all, I know this is private information regarding the personal life of right-hand legend John Browne, but does anyone know anything about his neck injury? Vehicle related whiplash? Or slipped disc or something from career of headbanging? I suffer from a similar injury, pretty severe nerve...
  4. rezafelayati

    Need Feedback on My Mix & Master (Monuments - I, The Destroyer cover)

    Since all these lockdown and distancing due to Covid-19, I've been working on my mixing and mastering skill. This is my take on Monument's song "I, The Destroyer", and I'm using: Drums: GGD Matt Halpern pack Bass: Halfmoon ABZ5 Dingwall sample Guitar: Sterling by Musicman JP70D Preamp: Axe-Fx...
  5. S

    Mayones Duvell Qatsi 7 Ajna Burst

    So I went to Music Store Cologne with the intent of getting a high end instrument and I can already say that I indeed reached that goal. From all the Mayones guitars they had down there, the Duvells stood out to me as they combined insane playability, super dynamic pickup response and tonal...
  6. F

    Hungarian Luthier /Boldogh Guitars

    Hi Everyone! I'd like to recommend you a great hungarian Luthier. His name is Csaba Boldogh. If you dont know him yet, you can find him on facebook as Boldogh Guitars. He mostly makes bass guitars , but he also does electric guitars too. A year ago he made me an extended range seven string...
  7. rezafelayati

    Monuments - I, The Destroyer (Instrumental Cover)

    Monuments is one of the bands that made me wanted to buy my first 7 string guitar. This is my shot at covering one of their song, and definitely one of my favorite Monuments song. I use: Fractal Axe-Fx II...
  8. J

    EDD (Evil Day of Death) - EP 1

    Hey all, Over the past couple years, two incredibly talented friends of mine, Chris and Jon, have compiled a bounty of envelope-pushing instrumental prog metal. Just recently they posted up an EP with five newly completed tracks. I'm not aware of sevenstring's policies on promotion, but I have...
  9. 0rimus

    1 More active pup before converting to passive?

    My Agile Intrepid 728 came stock with Blackouts. I was expecting to hate them and swap them out pretty quick, but surprisingly, I liked them After awhile though, the lack of clarity on the bridge pickup led me to swap it out for a Retribution 7. IMO the Retribution is like a more refined...
  10. huhngott

    Living Impressions - Debut Album Announcement (FFO Animals as Leaders, Intervals, etc

    hope you dig it, if so, please check these links, thank you!! :hbang:
  11. James_D_Trunks

    Monuments - Quasimodo (Guitar Cover)

    Hei guys, I did a new cover last week for the song Quasimodo, from the band Monuments. Check it out!
  12. Taylord

    Monuments Clip with Metal Machinery SDX

    Hey guys, I took advantage of Toontrack's Superior sale and snagged Metal Machinery, which is the unprocessed version of Metal Machine which gives more mics and routing options. So far this is the mix I came up with. The clip is taken from Monuments' "I The Destroyer." So far this pack is a lot...
  13. Masoo2

    Some POD X3 Questions

    Well, I just placed an order for a POD X3 that I found on GC's used section. Why did I choose the X3? Cheaper than getting POD Farm Platinum, cheaper than an HD, and a few artists that I listen to still use the X3/XT technology to this date (John Browne, Chimp Spanner, etc...) However, I...
  14. P

    What tuning does Browne use?

    What 7 string tuning is john browne from monuments using on the amanuensis?
  15. R

    New Heavy Mix Test. Any Advice? Short clip i made using the GTR3 guitar sims instead of an amp. I thought it came out pretty heavy but i could always get better.:hbang:
  16. M

    Monuments - Atlas tab and playthrough

    Hi! I created a best effort style tablature for the wonderful tune Atlas from Monuments and put together a small how to play it video: Obviously my playing skills are not on Browne...
  17. Metallica35

    Monuments - I, The Creator Cover

    Let me know what you guys think! Equipment used is as follows: Guitar: Agile Interceptor Pro 727 with EMG-707 pickups Amp: iPad running JamUp Pro with a custom amp that I made in Bias (also used JamUp for the bass guitar) Bass: Brice 6 string with EMG-45DC pickups Drums: Superior Drummer...
  18. G

    Downpicking technique (Doxa by Monuments)

    Hey, I've been learning doxa by monuments for quite a while now and have just got it up to full speed but I'm worried my downpicking technique isn't quite right. I've been using my wrist but in really fast sections I still feel lots of tension across my entire right arm and I can feel myself...
  19. gunslingerjh

    Monuments - I, The Destroyer Tone-/Mixtest

    I posted a preview of my cover of "I, The Destroyer" from Monuments on soundcloud. I'm trying to get the guitartone as close to the original as possible. Guitar comes straight from the POD HD500, bass is programmed with a freeware vst. Gear used: - Ibanez RG8 (w. D-Activator's & Hipshot...
  20. MarmaladeMad

    MONUMENTS - I, The Creator Guitar Cover (Slow-Mo and flamethrower included)

    Hey guys. This cover was the result of a boring afternoon with an expensive, borrowed camera. I know I'm late to the party, seeing that this song has been up for quite a while now and everyone has already covered it, but it is an awesome song and really fun to play so I hope you guys enjoy it!