1. Gmork

    Did my first pedal mods!! Next..... THE WORLD!

    Ive wanted to get into pedal building/modding since.. Well..... Since the internet lol. Guess nows the time! I got myself a couple boss DS1s to start messing with since its so well documented etc. Figure ill keep one stock to have something to compare to. First i clipped and removed the R17...
  2. jarledge

    Crate V33H amp mod

    Hello everyone. I was looking for a project amp and a crate v33h popped up for very very cheap. I vaguely remember people taking about modding them back in the day. I got the amp, and was pretty underwhelmed with the sound stock as I assume most where when the amp was new. I set out to find the...
  3. 7stringDemon

    Non-Music Mods and Restoration

    Hey All, Given how many of us are handy at modifying our guitars, I figured some of you must be just as good at modifying everything else in your life. I don't care if it's refinishing cabinets or just painting your phone case, lets see what you've got!
  4. S

    Iron Gear review on Hot Slag and Rolling Mill Pickups

    I heard a lot of good things about the iron Gear pickups for the price I had to jump on it and give it a try. So I got the Hot Slag bridge and Rolling Mill Neck, and have added them to my Squier telecaster Deluxe. Which before had the stock Fender Wide range humbuckers which were a bit muddy. I...
  5. RG7620s


    Some of my rg7620s with 'new' looks ... personal , unique

    FS Guerilla MSR-7 Massacre Gash

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Original owner. 7 String. Original German Floyd Rose. Sperzel Tuners. Bareknuckle Aftermath calibrated set pickups. 27 inch scale/baritone. No dings or dents. Very good shape. No touring, smoke etc. Only home studio. Guitar neck has matte...
  7. ohmanthisiscool

    14 string electric guitar ideas

    Hey guys, I've wanted to play a 14 string electric guitar for probably 12 years now, and I am finally in a place financially that I could probably make this happen. My question is who would you recommend for a luthier/company to build such an instrument? I am basically looking for an Ibanez RG...
  8. Garlik

    Agile Septor 727 Pickup Recommendations

    Hey all! So I got an Agile Septor 727 a few weeks ago and I'm really enjoying it. Maybe a few minor complaints, but I think it's worth the price. Anyway, I'm not a big fan of the stock Cepheus pickups, they sounds really muddy on the 6th and 7th strings (and a little even on the 5th at times...
  9. Garlik

    Jackson JS22-7 Dinky Humbucker Question

    Hey all! So I've seen a lot of mention on this forum about the JS22-7, but it seems like most are dealing with the version I don't have. I recently bought one used and want to replace the PUPs but I'm a little concerned about humbucker size and compatibility. The Jackson I ended up with has the...
  10. A

    Can I install a coil split switch with these pickups?

    Hi, everyone, I am currently modding/restoring a badly abused Ibanez RG170 with a 5-way selector switch. The following are photos of the bridge and neck pickups. I am thinking of adding a coil split switch to the neck and the bridge pickup. Keep in mind that I am relatively new to soldering...
  11. Gmork

    Anyone know what mods are available for tightmetal pro?

    i understand james brown will do mods to his pedals. anyone know what kind of mods are available for the tightmetalpro? has anyone ever got him to mod their amptweaker pedals? id love to get a resonance knob or switch added like on the 6505 amps to give it that beefy thumpy bottom end. the...
  12. neurosis

    Tremol-no question and need pickup suggestions for my Dellinger

    I have a Caparison Dellinger Dark Trans Rose and want to put a tremol'no in it. Browsing the site I see there are three options and then on the list it recommends one or the others depending on the version of tremolo you have installed. I know I have a Schaller Floyd but I am not sure what model...
  13. B

    Adding a Tone Knob

    My main eight, an Agile Intrepid Pro 828 MN Nat, has NO tone knob. It has a single EMG 808 and a volume knob and that's it. I've already ruled out routing another pickup hole but want to add a tone knob to male the whole thing a little more versatile. Has anybody done this before? Can I do it...
  14. J-Fender7

    Modding a guitar.

    Hey everyone. Just wanted some opinions, I have a Washburn Shadow Series Strat that I want to mod the hell out of. I had some ideas but I want opinions. My main goal is to make a really versatile guitar that can play anything from extreme metal to the classics. Pretty much I want to be able to...
  15. W

    JP70 (mods) vs KM7

    Hey everyone, new here so sorry if the threads have been made but I'm lookin for a new 7 string. Point: I am torn between the Sterling JP70 and the schecter KM7. JP70: how are the bridges on these guys I played one a while back but didn't get to use the whammy, how do it hole tuning? and/or...
  16. Decapitated666

    Modifying an Ibanez RG770

    So guys, I have an Ibanez RG770 coming in Thursday. I've wanted one for awhile and I got a great deal on one by trading in one of my current guitars. Only trick is… The thing has a decently bad chip in the paint by the cable plug in site. So what I've decided to do is to sand it down. I'm going...
  17. Jasflip

    Modding a LTD SC-207 - Lots of black

    Hello fellow SSO peeps. I recently finished modding an Ibanez RG7421, and posting the progress to the luthiery section. Before that project however, I took it upon myself to mod a ltd sc-207. I didn't document the process quite as well as my other project, but I thought some of you may enjoy...
  18. mcsalty

    Generic Guitar Refurb Questions

    I'm thinking about picking up a used RGA7 and just basically modding the shit out of it. Before i start i have a few noob-level starting questions, mostly about the 2 most major modifications. The biggest one is for the body; I'm planning on doing a re-finish and adding a flame (flamed?) maple...
  19. A

    Ibanez RG8

    So on wednesday i'm getting my first 8 string, an Ibanez RG8. now i know everybody is modding the shit out of these, so what are your suggestions for some mods?
  20. Rizza

    Anyone use the EMG Pa2 boost?

    I'm thinking about installing the Pa2 in my Esp Mh350NT and was wondering if anyone uses one and whether or not they find it useful. I use emg 81,85. I know the difference between the Pa2 and the Ab afterburner. The afterburner just adds dirt and doesn't seem to really boost the volume. I...

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