modern metal

  1. S

    How to get that modern metalcore/djent sound?

    In my endeavors as a bedroom guitarist, I've found my mixes always sound really flat and boring. This, probably comes down to me know little to nothing about mixing and mastering modern metalcore. So, I come here today asking for tips and maybe to get pointed in the direction of my mixes...
  2. S

    Quest to get to Drop F# on a 26.5 seven.

    Currently searching for thick enough strings for this. I usually play 10-56s in Drop A. Right now I'm looking at a stringjoy set that is 12-72. It says it will add about 10 pounds of tension, so it'll probably require some set up, if anyone knows a better set please let me know. I'm also worried...
  3. S


    Hey everyone, I've been working on a 'Producing Modern Metal' with the platform groove3. I've been working on it for the last few months, but finally it's out. With the course I start off with some RAW DIs and virtual instruments and then show you how to edit, and mix and process them to get a...
  4. Blackspell-666

    Should i bought a bass or just program it?

    I'm really interested in playing bass recently for recording my own music and playaround with some songs i like. i find their sound is really cool but as a guitar player i know absolutely nothing about it. I mainly play modern metal on my 7 string guitar tuned to Drop G# and pitch shift to...
  5. RedSwamp

    Bareknuckle Aftermath vs. Seymour Duncan (Nazgûl/Black Winter)

    Hello everyone! I finally created an account after lurking on the forums for what must have been 10 years in order to ask for your help and advice. I would like to upgrade the pickups, as well as most of the hardware on my Ibanez Iron Label RGIR27FE since the stock EMG 707'S have been very...
  6. Zhysick

    Meridian Zero - FFO Symphony X, Helloween, Queensrÿche...

    Meridian Zero is a band from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain. I just have become part of the band as the second guitarrist, but the band started quite a few years before... The band's first album is from 2007, called 'Doors of Creation', and produced by no other but Andy Deris himself (yes, the...
  7. JK-PA

    Praying Angel - German Modern Metal

    What's up y'all? I wanted to introduce you to my band "Praying Angel"! We are a Modern Metal band from Hamburg/Kiel, Germany. While the lyrics hold a critical view of religion, we combines Metalcore with elements of Thrash Metal and Deathcore in our music. Our sound is influenced by bands like...
  8. H

    2x12 cabinet (Celestion Mesa Black Shadow vs Eminence Commonwealth)

    Hi, guys! I'm going through something kinda hard: I got a 2x12 cabinet with just one celestion V30 and I'm thinking about buying another one (but not another v30). I'm between an used Mesa Black Shadow and a new Eminence Commonwealth. Have you guys tried some of these mixes? Some tip or any...
  9. TheUnknownOne

    Would like your feedback on this mix

    Hi guys ! I'm currently working on a demo track for my band, and before starting to mix vocals I would like to have your feedback on the instrumental mix in order to make it as solid as possible. Also, there are 2 variations of the mix with only fine tweaking on the drum kit volume and some...
  10. EchoesOfLife

    Mnemic - Liquid please rate my mix!

    Hi guys, I tried hard to dial a really good sound over here, please rate/criticise/blame it :D Feedback is MUCH appreciated!
  11. EchoesOfLife

    New music video from Gift of Madness - protesting on the war

    Would be happy to discuss video and audio quality of our material with you, guys. Thank you! Gift of Madness - Unity - YouTube
  12. lecorff

    So Far & Until website & EP launch. Ecclectic, groovy, Epic Modern Prog Metal

    Hi there! It is my pleasure today to present to you my band So Far & Until's new website and EP. I want to start by saying that this project is %100 DIY. Phil, our bass player, was the one who did our design & artwork and I myself recorded, mixed and mastered the album as...
  13. nec

    Alienacion - First single of Nebeda's upcoming full length album!

    Hi, Im Nec guitarrist from the progressive metal band Nebeda. We are from Santiago de Chile, South America!!... Please take a minute to listen our first single from our LP wich will be online this August 1! any comments or criticism will be appreciated! :D Thanks for your time...
  14. Imdeathcore

    Help Me guys Which Bare Knuckles should i choose?

    sup! guys i need some advices please. i'm soo fucking tired of EMGs sterile sound and i would like to put some Bare knuckles in my 7321! but i don't know which one i should choose..:scratch: i'm looking for a heavy modern metal tone(shred,djent,technical metal,progressive and core stuff) which...
  15. amonb

    Strats In Metal

    I was wondering if forum members might be able to help me. I am trying to find examples of Fender (or fender-type) strats used in modern metal, primarily for the rhythm tone. And preferably using a single coil (or soundalike retrofit). I have a few examples below that I thought sounded...