1. Hohomaru

    GGD: Modern and Massive Test

    I'm really digging the new release from GGD. Hopefully the next update will fix the problem with snare rolls. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zwi9tdnmertr1jm/Jay%20and%20Bob%20B-down.wav?dl=0
  2. Keirosen

    My GGD Mixtest (Share yours ITT!)

    Hey guys, I finally got around to uploading my GGD mixtest. Used all Slate plugins (for some reason my FG-X and other x86 plugins don't work anymore, but I just use Fabfilter Pro-L in place of FG-X and it sounds the same, if not better) for the mix, and used the midi Misha wrote in his demo of...
  3. gunslingerjh

    Tesseract - Survival (Mix/Mastertest)

    Just wanted to share this cover of Survival by Tesseract. All guitarsounds are made with the POD HD500, drum is Superior Drummer 2.0 (mixing done seperately). Bass is guitar pro 6 with lots of processing! Instrumental version...
  4. gunslingerjh

    Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet [Cover/Mixtest]

    Had a lot of fun on this one! Guitars, bass and vocals recorded using POD HD500, keys are Arturia Jupiter, drums are superior 2.0, Acoustic guitar and vocals recorded using a Shure SM58! Gear used: Steinberger ZT-3 custom Ibanez GSR205 Jack & Danny C-200 Acoustic Would be nice to get...
  5. gunslingerjh

    Textures - Singularity Mixtest [POD HD]

    Here's my latest mixtest! Guitars and bass were recorded using the POD HD only! https://soundcloud.com/julienhauspie/textures-singularity-mixtest Gear used: Ibanez RG8 w. D-Activator pickups Ibanez GSR205
  6. A

    Periphery - The bad thing Mixtest, Axe fx rhythm tone !

    My guitar is ibanez rgd 2127 bkp aftermath pickup, i used 6160 block amp and zilla cab IRs .I really like periphery sounds! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1MQo3_yVYA&feature=youtu.be Let me know what you guys think!:hbang::hbang::hbang:
  7. Taylord

    Manda Audio's MT Power Drumkit 2

    Hey guys, I figured some of you would think this is pretty cool! MT Power Drum Kit AU VST Drums Sampler Plugin Instrument It's a free Drum kit VST. It works pretty similar to EZ drummer. It's just the one kit, but it sounds pretty solid. It also has a mixer with 8 outs and a compression knob...
  8. gunslingerjh

    Monuments - I, The Destroyer Tone-/Mixtest

    I posted a preview of my cover of "I, The Destroyer" from Monuments on soundcloud. I'm trying to get the guitartone as close to the original as possible. Guitar comes straight from the POD HD500, bass is programmed with a freeware vst. Gear used: - Ibanez RG8 (w. D-Activator's & Hipshot...
  9. TheFerryMan

    Scratching an itch! (FFO: Hope for the Dying, Haarp machine, Merrow/MixTest)

    https://soundcloud.com/hailthered/trials-mixtest Taking a break from writing a ep by writing an ep inspired by bands like The faceless, Haarp Machine, Merrow, Hope for the dying, and Cynic Not trying to reinvent the wheel, just having some fun to clear my head while i work on my Groovy Rock...
  10. vishallica

    Modern prog metal style mix!!

    hello guys!!! so i just finished working on a mix and boy am i happy!!!! give it a listen and share your opinions!! any questions??plz feel free to ask!! :) Dream Because Death by Vishallica on SoundCloud - Hear the world
  11. isispelican

    TSE x50 New MixTest

    Made a new mix from scratch using the TSE plugins which are just awesome and really liking the result! signal chain : Gibson Les Paul - M-audio Fast Track - TSE 808 v2 - TSE x50 v1.0.2 - Lecab2
  12. Chi

    Slap bass mixtest! - Korn content

    I've been experimenting with Trillian recently, adding a slap bass to my studio inventory. Tough work getting a present bass to sit in the mix, but I think I could manage. I've tried to make the guitars and the bass sound as gnarly and "old school" as possible, but infused with my own, more...
  13. Chi

    New Mixtest - New Groove

    I know you guys are probably sick and tired of Periphery mixtests, but I just recently got into them and happen to be in the right tuning, so bear with me. :cool: This is my third mixtest and I think I'm starting to improve when it comes to cleaning it up. I'm not happy with my guitar tone...
  14. B

    Vildhjarta - Benblåst - 8-String Axe FX 2 mixtest

    Hi, Could you give me some feedback on my mixing skills? Benblåst - Vildhjarta - 8-String Thall Thanks! :)
  15. Chi

    First Mixtest - Rose Of Sharyn

    Yo! I'm just gonna' drop my first little mini-mixtest here, featuring KSE's Rose Of Sharyn which is extremely fun to play. https://soundcloud.com/yiyachi/killswitch-engage-rose-of This is the first mix I've actually put more than 10 minutes worth of effort into. I honestly think that it's...
  16. MrHelloGuitar

    First Mix Ever.

    Let me know what you guys think! Loop de Loop by The Platformer on SoundCloud - Hear the world
  17. Tjore

    Brutal tone/mixtest!!

    Tell me watcha think! ^^ Here - Tjore's 'Stache Smash - Brutal Mixtest by Tjore on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  18. NUTSguitarchannel

    Angel Vivaldi - Mercurian Summer mixtest

    Just a teaser for the cover on my Youtube channel. No solo work is included on purpose.:fawk: The cleans came out well and please listen to the end because there's a guitar part there. The parts that aren't tight will be re-recorded
  19. hypotc

    Mixtest (tiny bit KSE/HauntedS-inspired) POD X3, SD2.0, Trilian

    Hey. Just wanted to share something I just recorded. Quick jam turned out to this: RANDOM RIFFTEST by hypotc on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Using POD X3 for guitars, and Trilian for bass. Drums is SD2 + some samples blended in. Mixed with a headset, so...
  20. B


    Hey guys- this is a test for my band's album coming out Wall of the Fallen | Facebook The Abyss (Master Test 1) by MattWOTF on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free I want to run it past you guys to see if anyone hears anything terribly out of place in terms of...

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