1. S

    FS [EU] Jackson USA HT7 Laguna Burst

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Jackson USA HT7 Laguna Burst Modifications (if any): nothing, mint condition Accessories (hardshell case etc): case, papers, case candies (strap, straplocks, picks) Location (City,State or City,Country):Olsztyn, PL International OK? : ONLY EU Contact...
  2. MattThePenguin

    NGD: Misha Sig Gloss Black (Pro)

    Gonna keep this short and sweet. Honestly, it's more inspiring to play than I expected. Guitar is very resonant and I'm pleased with the quality of the pickups and the playability. It's not as nice as my Ibby but we're talking a price gap of over $1,000. I wanted something that wasn't as eye...
  3. StrmRidr

    NGD: Jackson Juggernaut HT7 Blue Sky Burst

    I've been thinking about a new 7 for a while. I never really bonded with my Schecter, and I've always loved the look of the Juggernauts. The color is very nice in person, and has a pearly shine to it. QC wise, there is no issues on mine, except a strange scratch on the nut between the low B and...
  4. FadexToxBlack81

    NGD - Jackson Custom Shop Juggernaut One Off

    Hi guys! Been a while since I posted here. Ever since I got my Juggernaut 7 string, I fell in love with the way they played and felt in my hands so it was only natural that I picked up a new main 6 string. Thanks to the good people at Jackson, I was fortunate enough to get approvals for a...
  5. JPMike

    FS Bernie Rico Jr Jekyll 724 (Previously Owned by Misha Mansoor) & BRJ Jekyll 724 Silver Sparkle

    Hello everyone, it's been quite some time since I have posted here but I have been away from the heavy, 7 string, ERG, etc stuff the past few years. Mostly playing clean these days with some fusion vibes coming in from time to time. Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Bernie Rico Jr...
  6. thoughtpyotr

    Djent is EDM

    I'm kidding...... But what compelled me to say this is that I barely noticed how a HUGE number of musicians are also "producers" nowadays. There are a bunch of solo acts that write, record, mix/master their own stuff with primarily MIDI instruments....like a modern DJ would. My question to you...
  7. littleredguitars2

    Strandberg OS6 Blue. Bare Knuckle Juggernauts

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: strandberg OS6 . Blue Modifications (if any): currently has bare knuckle juggernauts but i can switch back to seymour duncan JB/Jazz Accessories (hardshell case etc): comes with official gigbag Location (City,State or City,Country)...
  8. RaulThrashMetal

    Jackson USA Juggernaut HT 7 Bulb Signed [EU]

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Jackson USA Juggernaut HT-7 Bulb, in excellent condition (9,8/10) signed by the man himself (Misha Mansoor) Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc):Juggernaut Hardcase and all the case candy. Location (City,State or...
  9. Hourglass1117

    Jackson Juggernaut HT7 - Signed by Misha - Looking for Regius, Duvell or similar

    Description: Jackson Juggernaut HT7 in amber tiger eye. Arguably one of the best tops they ever put on one of these. Immaculate condition. Misha signed this guitar at a clinic at Wild West guitars when these were debuting this model. The signature has since worn down a little since it's on the...
  10. HeadBender

    Bare Knuckle Juggernaut Calibrated Set [EU]

    Bare Knuckle Juggernaut Calibrated Set Reverse Zebra Wide Spacing - 53mm Short Leg 4 Conductor Pretty much new condition, some minimal marks on the edge of the bridge pickup - on the inner coil facing the middle pickup. Modifications: None Accessories: Original Box and Papers Location...
  11. A

    Bare Knuckle Juggernaut 7 Calibrated Set White w/Black Poles

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Bare Knuckle 7 String Juggernaut Set Modifications (if any): N/A Accessories (hardshell case etc): Box + Insert Location (City,State or City,Country): Toronto, Canada International OK? : Yes, but you would have to cover shipping Contact Info (No...
  12. Panacea224

    NGD: Jackson Juggernaut HT7 Matte Blue Frost

    I stopped by a local shop a couple of days ago and they had just received 2 matte blue frost 7 string Juggernauts. They offered me an amazing deal so I couldn't pass it up. You've all heard how awesome this guitar is from the other NGD's and I must echo their sentiments, this is honestly the...
  13. zimbloth

    Jackson Misha Mansoor Signature Guitars Now In Stock @ Axe Palace

    Hey guys, we've started getting in the USA Jackson Misha Mansor models in stock at the Axe Palace. Most people pre-ordered from us but I will be posting pics of our available extra pieces as we go forward. The first one we have available is this lovely HT6 Bulb in Matte Blue Frost. This is...
  14. G


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  15. T

    Periphery II: Full Album Drum Cover!!

    Hey guys, Im a 19 year old drummer from Long Island, NY. Im in the middle of covering the entire Periphery 2 album on drums and I just uploaded Luck as a Constant. Czech it out and let me know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm_7JvALD6OJ-_oVdQGy28tMxnYTB0ORl
  16. ixampano

    I'm a bethroom player, could S7 help me out to make my mind?

    Hello, Guys. I just got a pretty sweet and well payed job, so by X-mas I'll be able to buy some really sweet gear. I'm trying to make my mind and think for which things I should save money for. that would really help me out in my "Damm, I shouldn't buy the Games of Thrones new season, because...
  17. Y

    You Are Number 6 - searching Guitarist, Bassist - Progressive/Djent Band

    Hallo zusammen, gesucht werden oben genannte Musiker für eine neu gegründete Dient/Progressive Band aus Castrop-Rauxel (Ruhrgebiet -> nähe Köln, Dortmund, Bochum). Proberaum und eigenes Studio sind vorhanden. Songmaterial ist auch vorhanden. Bitte ernstzunehmende Anfragen...
  18. Daf57

    SLATTXMG3-7 Soloist signed my Leon and Misha Contest

    Saw this on Facebook, thought someone might be interested. :yesway: Win an Eternal Descent Jackson Soloist™ signed by Llexi Leon and Periphery’s Misha Mansoor Eternal Descent Guitar Giveaway
  19. T

    Requesting Mayones Advice

    Hey there SS! This is a call to every Mayones owner on the forum. Please, if you have any experience with Mayones in the slightest, post your stories. Whether they're tales of horror or utter fulfillment, I'd love to hear your thoughts! But first, a little backstory... After researching and...
  20. Valnob

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