misha mansoor bulb

  1. Chewy5150

    FS Pro Tone Pedals Misha Bulb Deluxe Overdrive

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Pro Tone Misha Deluxe Overdrive Selling my Pro Tone Pedals Deluxe Overdrive. This version has green artwork, diode switch, attack switch, and side jacks. The artwork has come off a little but thats pretty common with these pedals. Pedal works great...
  2. SPettyGuitar

    Periphery - Icarus Lives! Guitar Cover

    mod edit: in the future please keep it to one thread per topic in the appropriate topic. No need to spam three sections with your guitar cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdznbJMDzmM Much appreciated if you guys could check this out :) :shred:
  3. dotsmatrix

    Periphery - Haunted Delay by Pro Tone Pedals

    Here is a sample of Mark Holcomb's Haunted Delay by Pro Tone Pedals. Clean tones through Axe FX II by Fractal Audio: https://soundcloud.com/m-dotson/haunted-delay-mark-holcomb-drum-update protonepedals hauntedshores periphery juggernaut Appreciate any feedback! Other samples/demos/songs...
  4. Thorerges

    Mishas Sig?

    So this isn't a leak or anything, Misha just posted a picture of these sick guitars and I was wondering if this is really the sig.
  5. S

    8 stringed dilemma!!!

    Hey guys. I'm totally new to 7/8 string stuff (as well as any sort of guitar forum). I'm a little lost... here's my question: what 8 string guitars should I consider purchasing between $1,000 and $1,500? Thanks! DK
  6. jaco815

    Djenty Breakfast - AAHHH! The time signatures! A song demo - looking for feedback

    Below you shall find a link to a demo version of our strange turn-on-a-dime epic song, titled "Cake Soaked In Rage" :hbang: Cake Soaked In Rage (Demo) by On Impact on SoundCloud The title was taken from a line in Wallace Shawn's "The Fever". This is one of the 8 songs that will be on...