midi switching

  1. El Caco

    Advance S720 midi switcher. (AUS, International OK)

    Description: The Engl is sold so this is no longer needed. This is a great midi switcher with 3 switching options, on/off, momentary or complimentary. It has 5 switches and each can switch 2 units with the additional 15 pin plug. It runs off 9v and can be daisy chained. Modifications: Stock...
  2. El Caco

    Suggest a midi switch for me

    I don't understand much about these so forgive me if I'm asking for the impossible here. What I'm looking for is something that can be programmed to switch multiple devices (3 at the moment) when I select a patch with the X3 live. It will need to be able to learn a midi signal because AFAIK...
  3. 7 Dying Trees

    Why didn't this happen sooner? VHT Midi Interface content

    Looks like I'll have to wait untill after NAMM, but if they do have one, then I am so buying it... This is from the sig_x thread on the VHT Board: So for all the VHT guys I think this is pretty awesome, especially as none of the other midi switcher companies seem to be able to pull their...
  4. Zepp88

    Old Patents For A Wireless MIDI Switching System?

    Wireless remote channel-MIDI switching device - US Patent 5700966 Patents dating to 1994 for remote MIDI switching, this is really interesting stuff. References to "Aquilla Systems" model MR2 Does anybody recall this being announced? Or if it was ever released? I'm having a hell of a...