midi guitar

  1. The Munk

    7 string fretless build

    Thought I'd share an interesting custom that we built for one of our customers recently. Instrument details: Model: Morbus-7-Trans Butterscotch 27in scale 7 piece neck thru (maple and rosewood) Ash body sides Ebony fretboard with inlayed maple fret markers Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge...
  2. synrgy

    NGD & NPD!! (Cheap RG + GT LB63 = Win!)

    So for the few of you who may be familiar with some of my other threads, I had bought a Graph Tech LB63 and Hexpander preamp kit to install in a Jackson RR that I stripped and tung oiled. What I wasn't thinking at the time of purchase was "Is there enough room in this guitar to route for the...