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midi amplifier switching


    EVH 5153 50w MIDI - Help!

    I received a Harley Benton FXL8 loop switcher & MIDI controller in the mail today and I've been trying to operate the amp channels and effects loop switching via MIDI and I need help. It says in the EVH manual that you need to press both channel buttons until they start flashing (which I've...
  2. Tyler1993

    Using Boss GT-100 to switch channels on Peavy 6505 +

    After hours of research I can't seem to figure out how to use my boss GT-100 to change channels on my Peavy 6505 +. So far I have gathered that I would mpst likely need to invest in a custom 7 prong / TRS / or possibly a 1/4 cord. I know the GT 100 is capable of channel switching so I don't...
  3. J

    Official Axe-Fx Q&A thread!

    There are a lot of questions flying around on this board regarding the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx, so to make everything easy for people speculating about whether or not it's worth dropping the cash for one of these, here's a place for you to ask specific questions and get direct answers from those of...
  4. El Caco

    Advance S720 midi switcher. (AUS, International OK)

    Description: The Engl is sold so this is no longer needed. This is a great midi switcher with 3 switching options, on/off, momentary or complimentary. It has 5 switches and each can switch 2 units with the additional 15 pin plug. It runs off 9v and can be daisy chained. Modifications: Stock...
  5. El Caco

    Engl E530 preamp, Australia.

    Description: Up for sale is my beloved E530, this is the correct unit for Australia so you will not need a step down transformer. Everything works and it sounds great. These are difficult to find locally so grab it before I change my mind. Modifications: Stock. Accessories: None but I do have...
  6. Leuchty

    Midi Controlled Amps.

    Hey everyone, I was wondering, is it possible to have a midi controlled amp, like ENGL/Randall, and a midi FX unit like G Maj/G sharp and control switching with just the amps midi footswitch? I thought: guitar -> AMP -midi thru-> FX Unit -in loop-> AMP FX Loop AMP FS -midi in-> AMP So...
  7. El Caco

    Suggest a midi switch for me

    I don't understand much about these so forgive me if I'm asking for the impossible here. What I'm looking for is something that can be programmed to switch multiple devices (3 at the moment) when I select a patch with the X3 live. It will need to be able to learn a midi signal because AFAIK...
  8. 7 Dying Trees

    It's here! Never before has a cable made me feel so ecstatic!

    So yeah, if you remember the "someone lost the switching cable" well, not entirely true, it transpired that it just wasn't packed, and then I thought it would get sent like 3 days ago, but not so! It was still sent on the same day, and today, well, one amp gizmo to VHT custom cable is mine! Mass...
  9. 7 Dying Trees

    Midi amp switchers

    The axess switcher that is ideal for the VHT UL, the ac8, is out of production, the other one only has 4 relays, one less that you'd need to fully control the head. So any other companies about? Axess look a bit disorganised at the moment with a lot of discontinued stuff, promises of new...