1. B

    Gotoh Locking Tuners for LTD MH1000 Evertune

    Hi, I would like to switch out the stock tuners for locking tuners on my LTD MH1000 ET. I would like to get some Gotoh locking tuners just not sure about the ones to get. I would like a direct swap out If possible - don't want to have to do any modifications to the guitar like have to drill...
  2. K

    (FEELER) LTD MH1000 Evertune for ESP or Edwards Alexi

    I have no want at all to get rid of this guitar at all really. I love it and the evertune is an incredible system. However, ever since i sold my Edwards Alexi model, i cant get rid of the regret. I will only trade this guitar for an Edwards Alexi, LTD, Japanese standard, or USA standard...