1. Gmork

    FS Mesa Single Recto 50 Head

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: mesa single rectifier 50 head and footswitch, works great. Modifications (if any): Accessories (hardshell case etc): Location (City,State or City,Country):Victoria BC Canada International OK? : canada prefered, perhaps NA if you pay the extra for...
  2. Guitarjon

    One Song, One Amp V2! 50+ amps (and more) showcased and compared!

    Hey all, I've been working on this new series, it's called "One Song, One Amp!" V2 and I'm pretty excited about it. I've done something like this before but this one has more guitars and styles so it will hopefully keep things more interesting... :) The idea is that I wrote and recorded this...
  3. Gmork

    NAD: Mesa Single Rectifier 50w (series 2)

    So i traded some pedals for a series 2 single rec!! So far at low home volumes i think its great! I def see what people mean when they talk about the upper mids thing, guess it just doesnt bother me that much, i find going a little lower in the mids helps smooth it out and when its cranked i...
  4. albatros_1994

    EL84 Mini-Rectifier Replica

    Hi guys, i started to mess around with tube amps a year ago after i got some Crate heads and modded it Some months ago i decided to take the next step and build an amp from the ground up and so i got a very cheap 20w amp kit It was supposed to be some kind of simplified Plexi-SLP replica with 2x...
  5. Gmork

    Did i make the right choice? Keep the mesa roadster, sell triple rec?

    In a perfect world id have kept every cool amp ive had but its never been an option. I already sold the triple but im having a bit of sellers remorse. maybe i shoulda kept both?... I dunno, Def some over lap and quite frankly im somewhat poor so the $$$ was helpful. Do yas think it was...
  6. Gmork

    1x12 combos in the Mesa Recto line?

    These days im thinking itd be awesome to own a 1x12 recto combo for both, the great heavy af tones and an amazing pedal platform! (thinking used, $1500 give or take or under) Great for home playing and pretty easy to lug around for band practice/etc. What are all the different recto 1x12...
  7. Gmork

    NADx2! Roadster & Triple Rec!!

    Got the triple rec a few days ago in a trade for my fender super twin reverb and have been loving it as a fuzz pedal platform. That huge chewy bottom end is absolutely perfect for it! And holy shit how perfect is it on top of the metal plate randal 1x15 +2x12 cab ehhh!!!? Just got the roadster...
  8. ShiroNekoMusic

    4x12 vs 2x12 in home studio!

    Hello! I'm a proud owner of an ENGL Invader 1 amp that I use to play cleans, crunch stuff but most important, METAL! I am a djent type of player (progressive metal, downtuned stuff) and I love tight distortions with boosters in front for some added clarity. This is exactly the tone I get with...
  9. TedEH

    Sad cab day - help me troubleshoot speaker noise!

    A bunch of you have probably seen me post a whole bunch about bass stuff recently, including the Mesa 4x10 I picked up. The tl;dr version is that one of the speakers (top left) is making a kind of papery/crunchy sound (it sounds more like electrical noise than distortion to me), but only when...
  10. TedEH

    Anyone familiar with Mesa Powerhouse 4x10?

    While poking around some used ads, I came across a Mesa Powerhouse 4x10 for 500 Canadian loonies, and I'm considering going to grab it. I thiiiiiiink it's the more recent "modern" version (I keep reading about there being three different versions of these). From what I can find from googling...
  11. Guitarjon

    Mesa Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five

    I've had this amp for 1.5 or 2 years or so. It's a cool little amp for sure. I have a fairly large collection of amps with some big 100w heads but also a lot of small lunchbox amps. This one definitely sets itself apart from the rest with it's true recto tone. In comparison to my Dual Rectifier...
  12. Guitarjon

    One Riff, 41 Amps!

    Hey guys, Here's something a little crazy I worked on for a while. The concept is simple: I wrote a 'riff' specifically for this concept. It's basically a collage of riffy bits and some lead bits so that you can hopefully get a good idea of how these amps all sound with a modern high gain rock...
  13. ThomasVB

    What a Mesa 'Gibson' Boogie sounds like... (video)

  14. MatrixClaw

    FT My Mesa Trem-O-Verb for Your Mark IV

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Got this in a trade not long ago and I LOVE it, but I've decided to go all-in on modeling and I'm satisfied enough with the Recto sounds I'm hearing out of my FM3. I was planning to sell all my amps and just downsize, but I have a feeling I'll miss...
  15. RLG167

    NAD! Mesa Custom Dual Rec Road King Snakeskin

    Hey guys! Super excited, I just picked up my first Rectifier! I work at a music store and someone traded it in so I immediately got it haha. It's a Dual Rec Road King in red snakeskin. I assume it was a custom order, as I've never seen another red snakeskin Rec. I don't know much about Mesa, was...
  16. sluice

    WTB : Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ DRG

    As title said, looking to buy. Won't waste your time. Cash in hands! Cheers!
  17. Jon Pearson

    Tell me what you guys think of my band! (fully produced single)

    (FFO: The Contortionist, Periphery, BTBAM) Hey folks - my band Celaris just dropped our new single on all the streaming platforms, I am curious what folks think! We are located in Raleigh/Chapel Hill, NC, so we...
  18. MatrixClaw

    FS /T: Mesa Mark V 90w Head

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Took a break from guitar for a few years after becoming a father and am finally starting to get back into music again. I traded for this right before my daughter was born, almost 5 years ago, and haven't even tried it until this week :lol: :LOL: It's...
  19. A

    Fractal FM3 metal demo | pt2 | ft. DIGITECH THE DROP

    Second video of my FM3 metal demo series. This time using Digitech the Drop as well, to achieve drop A tuning Guitar: Charvel Joe Duplantier pro-mod w/ Seymour Duncan SH11 tuned to drop B Fractal amps used: 0:00 FAS MODERN 1:09 5153 RED 100w 3:22 RECTO RED MODERN 4:54 FAS MODERN II Songs...
  20. S

    [NEW VIDE] What you think of AmpHub?

    What you guys think of STL Tones new AmpHub subscription based amp modelling software? I took a look at it in my new video. I really like the idea of buying into a subscription based piece of software. Especially if we get new effects, amp, and cab every month! I tested it out in my video with...