mesa boogie

  1. ddtonfire

    Mini Orchestral Epic [Skervesen Raptor 8/JP-2C]

    I've been super busy with work for the past year or so and haven't really had the chance to record, finish, or upload new music. Anywho, here's a new mini epic I recorded with my Skervesen Raptor 8 through a JP-2C in my new studio. I'd love to hear any thoughts about the composition...
  2. ShiroNekoMusic

    4x12 vs 2x12 in home studio!

    Hello! I'm a proud owner of an ENGL Invader 1 amp that I use to play cleans, crunch stuff but most important, METAL! I am a djent type of player (progressive metal, downtuned stuff) and I love tight distortions with boosters in front for some added clarity. This is exactly the tone I get with...
  3. neurosis

    era of the 20 Watters (are they really that good?)

    perhaps I am late to the party and the algorithm is just bombarding me with content about ease amps. So much that I have started considering getting something in addition to my tiny terror combo. I have options to buy: - Marshall SV20H Studio - Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb - Friedman JJ Junior At...
  4. Z

    2x12 Cab, Mesa Boogie?

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and I'm trying to jumpstart the guitar playing after a 10 years pause. One of the things I'm lookimg at is buying a cab, as I'm not planning on gigging, a 4x12 is too big, I think a 2x12 (vertical) will do for me. I've mainly seen that a Mesa Boogie is the go-to brand...
  5. Jobam-Martins

    Vadim Taranov BaronK1000(Tried to clone the Mesa boogie Dual rectifier) - test

    Hey guys! I was testing the simulations this guy creates and then I found this one, BaronK1000. The layout of the plugin ,it remembers a Mesa boogie dual rectifier. So , I tried to clone the tone of a Mesa boogie dual rectifier using it. I know it's not exactly the same sound but I tried. I...
  6. Jobam-Martins

    Mesa boogie Mark III simulation - test

    Hey guys! I wanted to test a Mark III simulation. I used the Vadim Taranov mark III. For the booster, tse 808 and the ignite amps tpa-1 for saturation. NadIR for the cab. I tested using IRs from the "HATE" pack of Luan Albani and I did a blend with Kalthallen. This was the results. Feel free...
  7. Jobam-Martins

    NaLex Amplex Pectifier Raw(Mesa boogie dual rectifier) - test

    Hey guys! I tested this simulation in Nalex called "Pectifier raw". It's a Dual rectifier. I tried to create a death metal tone, melodic death metal. Less mids and a lot of saturation. This is why I used more boosters than usual. I used Mercuriall tsc ,dtq plusdistortion and ignite amps tpa-1...
  8. Chewy5150

    FS Mesa/Boogie Rectoverb 25 Mini Head

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 25 Head Selling my Rectoverb 25 head. Great condition with a power cable and cover. Only missing the protective cage for the tubes. This little guy is SUPER loud and incredibly versatile. I've used this at practices with a full...
  9. A

    Fractal FM3 - Metallica tones

    I 've tried to come close to the metallica guitar sound, while still adjusting some things to personal taste. What do you think of the tones and the song selection? Gear used: Gibson Les Paul, Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz pickups Charvel Joe Duplantier signature, Seymour Duncan SH-11 on bridge...
  10. mungiisi

    Should I buy 2x12" instead of 4x12"?

    So, I need to buy me a proper cabinet. I've been borrowing an Orange 2x12" at our rehearsal place but I need to return it soon. My amp is a Mesa Dual Rectifier, and naturally I would like to buy the Rectifier cabinet. From what I've read, and listened from samples it seems to be the best fit...
  11. A

    Fractal FM3 metal demo

    I am starting a series of videos demoing the various metal tones you can get out of the FM3, playing a couple of riffs for each amp model
  12. S

    [VIDEO REVIEW] ML Soundlab - Amped - ML5

    ML SoundLab have released an amp sim of the Mach V, and it sounds pretty damn good! Check out my review video of it here. I'm using my Ibanez MMM1 tuned to an Alt Drop F# tuning
  13. Lukhas

    Mesa Prices Come down in Europe and UK

    Essentially, shops can now buy direct from Mesa like they do in the USA instead of going through a distributor, and can pass along the savings. And the savings can be quite significant, even close to a grand in some cases!
  14. D

    FS Canada Only - Mesa Boogie Triple Crown TC-50 1x12 Combo

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Mesa Boogie Triple Crown TC-50 1x12 Combo This amp is in phenomenal condition--only being used in my home since I bought locally a few months ago. You probably know all the details of this beast: -Three channels (Midi switchable) -Two modes per...
  15. Crash Dandicoot

    FS /FT Friedman Butterslax

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear: Friedman Butterslax 100w 3-channel head. Modifications: EL34s replaced with JJs. Accessories: Original box, footswitch and footswitch cable. Location: Edmonton, AB. International OK?: Shipping is $50 USD in Canada, $75 USD to the USA and beyond. Contact...
  16. Guitarjon

    1 riff, 22 amps! (and 3 modelers...)

    Man, this one was fun! The idea here was to take one of my favorite guitars, create a cool riff (which turned into a bunch of riffs) and reamp it through all my tube amp heads as well as 3 of the most popular amp modelers. A Lot of these amps turned out super nice! Some of the best ones were a...
  17. S

    Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier and Nightwish´s Bare Grace Misery

    Hello everyone, I decided to do an interpretation-like demo using my Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier playing Nightwish´s song Bare Grace Misery from the album Wishmaster. I double tracked the guitar and put the two tracks just over the backing track, panned hard right and hard left. All the...
  18. Guitarjon

    NAD: MESA/Boogie Mark V 35w! Owww Yeah!

    I posted here recently about this but I got a new amp! ;) It's the MESA/Boogie Mark V 35W head! I'm super stoked as the Boogie Mark series have been dream amps of mine for a looong time. I bought just for recording in my studio so the lower wattage works fine for me in that regard. This thing...
  19. EMGPowers

    My disappointment with the Revv G3, but why I kept it.

    So, I was extremely stoked to try the Revv G3 after all of the rave, reviews, and videos. It seemed that every video about this pedal (except 1), it sounded phenomenal! I don't get caught up in hype too much but I did with this one. So I pulled the trigger. Side note: I have a Mesa Roadster...
  20. Vince Caruana

    Looking to buy a Mesa pedal!

    I've been playing the MXR 5150 OD through the clean channel with a boost on my amp and it sounds killer. Really wanna get something to get that meaty rectifier tone. I know they offer a few pedals ranging from eqs and ods. Just looking to use it on a clean channel. What would you guys recommend?