1. Zander of Puppets

    SD Black Winter Pickups Vs More Expensive Options

    I have decided I would like some new pickups to replace my Kiesel Lithiums in my DC-700. I play both rhythm and lead stuff from all over the metal spectrum. I need something that chugs well but can handle more technical stuff so having good note separation is important. Having a good or at...
  2. Masoo2

    Explain Pickup Rewinding To Me

    Title - looking to change out the pickups on a fanned 8 I have and it seems that rewinding may be a simpler (and maybe cheaper) alternative to ordering a custom angled set. If I was to commission this through someone like Lundgren, would it be as simple as saying "hey, make the bridge an M8 and...
  3. Ibanez RG752GK with a H-S-H pick-up configuration

    Ibanez RG752GK with a H-S-H pick-up configuration

    My 2014 RG752GK customised with a Lundgren (Black Heaven) H-S-H pick-up configuration , the mini toggle enables me to have single coil on either humbucker ... and all gold hardware .
  4. -Neonblack-

    4 New Songs available! Range between Djent / Prog Metal / Deathcore + Played on a 7 String Baritone

    Hey guys! Today i have uploaded 4 new songs! Check them out and let me know in the comments which song(s) you like the most. And maybe also write what you like about the song(s) Looking forward to your comments! 1: Thorns 2: A Terminal Life Form (2021 Remaster) To listen to the other 2...
  5. Amar's Music

    [NGD] Schecter Banshee Mach 7 with Lundgren M7 Pickups

    I bought this guitar a couple months ago and I have been loving it every day since! I mean this thing has some top specs! The Banshee Mach 7 features a swamp ash body with an extremely comfortable maple "radius" top. It has an ultra slim roasted maple/purple heart neck with an ebony fretboard...
  6. Arkks

    Jackson SLAT8 with Lundgren M8's

    Modified my Jackson and put in some Lungrens! I fell in love with them straight away. Heres a quick recording to get a vibe. Whats your favourite pickup for an 8 string?
  7. Jujex

    WTB 7 string bridge pickup F spaced black Passive

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Modifications (if any): standard black pickup Accessories (hardshell case etc): Location (City,State or City,Country): Vancouver Canada International OK? : yes Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM here References (eBay or other forum userid): Reverb, Ebay...
  8. crg123

    WTB Passive 8 String Soapbar/Covered Pickups

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Passive 8 string Soapbar Covered Pickups: - Lundgren - BKP - Guitarmory - Other smaller scale builders that make soapbar/covered passive 8s - No Dimarzios/ Duncans please - No Lace (already had these) - No active pickups (Including fluences) Additional Accessories (hardshell...
  9. Guitarjon

    The mighty and undefeated M80M!

    I've had this guitar for a couple years now and still, everytime I pick this thing up it feels and sounds sooo good! To this day I have not owned or played an 8-string guitar that is so solid. The one I have is a near perfect instrument aside from some small flaws from the factory. I used to...
  10. D

    Dual NGD.....Swedish Content

    I first became familiar with Nevborn guitars after seeing Meshuggah use them on Ozzfest back in the early 2000's. They have a very unique and often hated body shape that I just feel is incredibly pleasing and haven't grown to dislike over the years. Last year I was able to get in contact with...
  11. mungiisi

    Wiring help with Lundgren M7 and import 5 way switch

    I recently acquired an Ibanez RG1527, which is completely stock. I decided to replace the stock pick-ups with Lundgren M7's, but I'm in a desperate need of help regarding the wiring of the pick-ups. I'd like to setup the electronics so, that the pickup switch would work like as follows: 1...
  12. Isaac White

    FS Bare Knuckle Nailbomb 7-String Bridge Pickup - NEW

    Bare Knuckle Nailbomb 7-String Bridge Pickup - Brand NEW With Invoice from May 10, 2019 + Original Packaging. Brand new, was never installed in a guitar. You can view pictures of the pickup & the invoice on the Ebay link below. Listen to some awesome sound examples...
  13. Emperoff

    WTB Soapbar 7 string humbuckers (active size)

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: 7-string soapbar (active sized) passive pickups Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Plenty of lead, of course. Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Spain International OK?: Sure Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM here References (eBay or other forum userid)...
  14. PariahMusic

    Fortin Nameless vs NTS

    Hey guys! Did a short mix demo comparison of the NTS and the Nameless! Featuring lundren M8s in my Schecter, and BKP Warpigs in my Skerv.
  15. HexaneLake

    FS 2016 Aristides 080 Satin Desert Tan Marble

    Brief & Accurate Description of Guitar: 2016 Aristides 080 Satin Desert Tan Marble Modifications: None Accessories: Mono Aristides gig bag & strap, tools, certificates. Location: San Francisco, CA 94103 International OK?: No. Contact Info: PM or email me at [email protected]
  16. M

    Lundgren m8 distance from bridge

    Anyone have experience or predictions about how a Lundgren m8's tone and response changes the further it is from the bridge? The Ibanez m80 has them pretty much touching, but I'm toying with putting an m8 into a guitar where the bridge pickup is more than an inch away. I haven't been able to...
  17. J

    Riffs Galore!

    Hello all! I just uploaded a new video showcasing a few riffs from my upcoming album tracks. All recorded on my Ice Explorer w/ Lundgren M6 pickups, straight into Reaper. Tones from EZMix and EZDrummer drum tracks. Would love for you all to check 'em out!
  18. Lorcan Ward

    NGD - Carillion Polaris Multiscale 7 - Red Quilt

    Specs: 25.5 - 26.25 Fan Polaris Body Shape Reaver Headstock Bolt-on Construction Bloodletter Red stain Oil finish Flamed Black Limba body Quilt maple top Honduras Rosewood and Flamed Sycamore neck Ebony fingerboard Slanted Lundgren M17 Humbuckers ABM Saddles Sperzel Locking Machine Heads...
  19. J

    My new release - "Europa, Rise / Overgrown Paths"

    Hello SSO! I've just released a brand new, two-track "double single" of sorts and would love for you all to check it out. As with my previous releases, these songs were performed, recorded and mixed entirely by myself, using Toontrack EZMix and EZDrummer straight into Reaper. This takes a hell...
  20. Z

    Indo RG7421 with Lundgren M7's vs stock RG752

    For the $$$, playability, and sheer 'dj0nt' factor, which guitar would be best: An Indo Mahogany bodied Rg7421 loaded with Lundgren M7's or the RG752FX stock?