low tuning

  1. ElectricBaliset

    Does Anybody Else Like Tuning a Standard-Scale 6-String Down Into 8-String Territory?

    Tl;dr: thread title. I go through these occasional fits of inspiration where I really like the idea of a standard-scale 6-string tuned down to a ridiculous register, like G1 or F#1 standard. I get that it presents all kinds of problems wrt harmonicity, intonation, etc., but I kind of like that...
  2. S

    Will I have to file my nut? 11-70s

    I recently bought a stringjoy 11-70 set of strings, I know that you cannot know for sure, but, in general, will i have to file it? I can't afford a tech and can't afford to replace this guitar if I mess it up.
  3. S

    Quest to get to Drop F# on a 26.5 seven.

    Currently searching for thick enough strings for this. I usually play 10-56s in Drop A. Right now I'm looking at a stringjoy set that is 12-72. It says it will add about 10 pounds of tension, so it'll probably require some set up, if anyone knows a better set please let me know. I'm also worried...
  4. Masoo2

    2021 - State of Baritones/Extended Scale ERGs

    As the title says, curious what the baritone and extended scale ERG market is looking like today. I know the SubZero Rogue has been making rounds due to it's use by Loathe and cost, but it seems QC issues are a little too common on them and availability is limited due to the manufacturer...
  5. S

    [VIDEO] Going Low on a Standard Scale Guitar

    I got a new video up on String Gauges. I wish I knew more about string gauges when I first started trying to tune low. Even after moving over to Baritones, I still find string gauges being one of the important steps in going low. What do you guys think? What tuning do you use and what string gauges?
  6. S

    How Low can you tune on a 35-inch scale bass?

    I tune low on my Baritone guitars. Going from F# to Drop E. So far I've been programming in my bass, but I wanna get a real bass to record parts in. Don't quite have the money for a long scale Dingwall 37-inch. So wondering how low can actually go on a 35-inch scale bass before hitting big...
  7. S

    D Activator Neck

    So I'm thinking of getting a D Activator Neck and putting it in the bridge position of my PRS Mike Mushok which is tuned down to Drop F, cos from previous posts have seen that the D Activator Neck is really good as a bridge pickup for low tunings. If I do that, what is a good pickup to pair...
  8. Vehuel

    [Bass] Darkglass B7K or Axe FX 2? Sutdio and live

    Hey guys, I'm ordering my Dingwall Combustion 6 really soon (tomorrow in the evening the payment will be done :D), tuned to low F#0 to match my 8 strings guitar. I already have an Axe FX 2 XL+, which is awesome for guitars, unlimited source of inspiration, but as I don't have any bass for the...
  9. S

    [NEW VIDEO] How LOW to Tune

    I've got a new video up that might be helpful to if you wanting to go low and you don't know how low you want to tune. I took a riff and then played it through from B all the way down to D1. So hopefully this gives you a rough idea on how low you'd like to go. I used my PRS Mike Mushok from B...
  10. S

    [NEW VIDEO] ML Soundlab ML800 Review

    I'm a huge Marshall JCM800 fan, and was super stoked to see ML Sound Lab's release of the ML800 emulation. It sounds pretty good. In the video I wanted to see how it would work with some low tunings, as these amps are known to be quite midrange with no bas. So sounds perfect for low tunings...
  11. S

    [NEW VIDEO] How to sound like Black Sabbath - Doom tone

    I've put up a new video on How to Sound Like Black Sabbath. I was thinking about what was the first band I possible heard that tuned down low! And it's gotta be Black Sabbath. I can’t believe they were tuning down to C# Standard in the 70’s. That’s like 50 years ago. In the video I explore how...
  12. S

    [VIDEO REVIEW] Going LOW with Submission Audio's EuroBass

    [NEW VIDEO] My video review on Submission Audio’s Eurobass plug-in. If you looking for a virtual Bass to accompany your low tuned guitars then this plugin is great. Here’s a new video of mine using Eurobass down to F#0. I’ve got my Ibanez MMM1 tuned to a Drop F# and this bass really thickens up...
  13. Neon_Knight_

    Pickup selection for lower tunings

    I recently expanded my guitar collection so I can keep guitars on hand in various tunings. I'm now pondering which is most suited to each tuning / intended style, would really appreciate some advice, to hopefully save wasted time and strings incurred by trial and error. I've posted this in the...
  14. P

    Help with amp

    Hi, im going to buy evh 5150 iii 50w. I need help because im not sure if its too loud or not. I play with medium and pretty low volumes, I've heard that 5150 can keep its sound in low volumes but how low volumes it can produce. And is boss ns 2 good noise gate to cut the fuzz and hiss away? Im...
  15. F

    Seymoud Duncan Pegasus-Sentient for low tunnings

    Hi everyone, I'm making a 7 strings tele and I want to use the F#-B-F#-B-E-G♯-C♯ tuning but I need some good pickups, also, i tried the Pegasus Sentient but in standard and I love it! my question is, they are good for a pretty low tuning?
  16. T

    Help with tuning pegs?

    Hey all, My band has recently decided to tune our 7 string guitars and 5 string bass down two whole tones to G. The heaviest string i could find at my local guitar shop was a .068 which it turns out is too big to fit through the hole in my tuning peg. Could anyone recommend me a method to...
  17. TiffuZeless

    Road to Drop E on a KM7!

    Yay sso community! How are you guys doing? So yeah, let's get to the point - I have a KM7 with a stock ernie ball .062 in the seventh string tuned to A, and there's a daddario nyxl .080 on the way to my country :hbang: As the KM7 have a "tiny" 26.5" scale, i'm wondering if my .080 will be able...
  18. C

    Ibanez RGD-7421 vs. RG-7620 for G# tuning!

    Hey guys! I'm new to sevenstring guitars and now i'm getting one, thing is i'm gonna be playing in G# to djent it out and the RGD-7421 has the extended scale which probably is preferred i guess but the RG-7620 has much more finesse and quality apparently, would the RG-7620 play well in drop...
  19. D

    Low tuning Pickup help

    Hey guys im new here and im after some advice with picking some new pick ups. Im using a 1998 Ibanez RG 7620 with a basswood body, DiMarzio Blaze pickups, Blocked Lo Pro Edge tremolo. The tuning that my band is playing is F,A#,F,A#,D#,G,C, we are using .13/.80 strings. I currently have stock...
  20. W

    Wide Eyes Pre Production Teaser for "Volume"

    Whats up everyone? We are Wide Eyes and we have just entered the pre production process of recording our debut album "Volume". Check out the video below!! Also, dont forget to check us out on SoundCloud.