1. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Seven String Army / Jazz Cover

    New seven string jazz (?) video with my loop station and my Ibanez afj957. To join my Youtube Army click here : https://youtube.com/c/GuillaumeSIMONJazz/?sub_confirmation=1
  2. S

    Floating [guitar loop original]

    Hi guys, I have no idea how many of you like music like this, but since I've started recording some of the things I've come up with since I acquired a looper, I might as well start sharing them a bit. Hope you enjoy!
  3. broj15

    Xotic X blender? Who's used one? How did it make you feel?

    Just stumbled upon this while pedal browsing on reverb. I've watched some demos online, but all I can seem to find are people using it for standard "rock" applications or fuzzed out bass. Either way, it looks like it has several useful applications: clean boost with an eq, use it as a buffer for...
  4. SickEddy

    Single midi controlled bypass looper

    Hi everyone I am building a midi pedal board with a MorningStar FX MKII controller. All of the pedals other than my compressor are midi controlled so can be bypassed when I make patches. Even my main amp accepts midi to change channels. Does anybody know of a single-loop midi controlled bypass...
  5. ihunda

    GCX Audio Switcher - midi switcher for amps & pedals

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): None Location (City,State or City,Country): Berkeley International OK? : No Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM me here References (eBay or other forum userid): iTrader Price (include...
  6. Sparkplug

    Diezel Vh4 Noob Questions

    Hey guys, I recieved my Diezel Vh4 three weeks ago and I'm more than satisfied. fking great amp. But my biggest question is, what is the benefit of the channel insert loops, or for what kind of stuff/effects are you guys using it? Give me some suggestions! :cool:
  7. VBCheeseGrater

    NAD - ADA MP1 - using with POD HD Pro

    Scored this from a fellow SS.org member. Been considering getting a preamp to go with my Pod for awhile to add to the available amps, and the price was right so i pulled the trigger. Since this is an 80's model, i wasn't sure what to expect integrating it with the pod. Turned out great...
  8. M

    Crazy blend of techniques!

    Hi guys, thought you might enjoy this video featuring a new Quist track called Glitch! It blends loops, two-handed tapping, delay, pitch shifter, whammy pedal, slide playing, poly-rhythmic patterns and old school blues vibes into a CRAZY futuristic mix.....! Share the love if you're...
  9. G

    Fx loop squeel issue... very frustrating

    im trying to run some pedals through my fx loop but when i do, i have a loud pitched feedback sounding squeel that is constant when im not playing. if i try to run a noise gate/suppressor through the fx loop, i get a much louder and also constant feedback squeel... if i try to wite my noise...
  10. VBCheeseGrater

    5150 effects loop noisy as heck

    I got a pod xt pro today and have tried the 4cm (too much tone suck or paranoia on my part) then decided to just run it in the amps loop to keep my tone intact. the problem I am having is thethe effects loop on the 5150 is noisy as hell. it constantly hums, even when nothing is plugged into...
  11. VBCheeseGrater

    Faulty Patch Cord Salvage - You knew this, but here's a reminder

    So today i've been working on straightening out alot of my gear. I've been having alot of patch cords die lately and needed some longer ones anyway. I was about to hit "Buy" on amazon but decided to take 20 minutes to do this instead... Also, i tend to try to avoid effects in the loop effect...
  12. T

    6505 rig/ pedalboard and effets loop question

    Hey guys, I'm getting a 6505, and I have a pedal board (BossDD3>BossNS2>TubeScreamer>KorgPitchblack) Can someone please explain whether or not I should put My pedals through the effects loop or suggestions on which ones? I have never really used an effects loop so I'm kind of having a hard...
  13. Sephael

    Noise Clamp = less tap dancing

    I knew the NC had an internal switch, I had thought that it just made it a simple in-out unit. I was wrong and happy about it. Flipping the internal switch makes it so that turning the pedal off also disengages the loop. That means you can toss a couple pedals in its loop, even set its threshold...
  14. B

    Quick effects question.

    Sorry to sound stupid, but i'm just now getting into gigging as a guitarist, used to be a vocalist. But right now i'm just curious as to if I should be running my ns2 through the fx loop, or just keep it in the chain. Right now my rig is, guitar>wireless>tuner>ns2>5150 coming out of an orange...
  15. Davey

    Looking for an inexpensive looper pedal

    I'm looking for a looper pedal but even the most basic ones I know are about £100. Are there any that are cheaper than that (say £50 tops)? I only need to be able to loop one part at a time. I'm playing with two other guys in a trio and will sometimes need to loop an extra guitar part (some...
  16. D

    Please help with gear setup! Will give cookies!

    Hello all....I need some help configuring my setup. Let me give you a little peek as to what I'm using. Main axe is an esp ltd ec 407, cab is an orange ppc 4x12 and head is a peavey 5150 II. Now what I'm really struggling with is my pedal setup. I've got a keeley 4 knob, hardwire metal...
  17. TheKindred

    Vancouver Guitar Show This Weekend

    Vancouver Guitar Show Ohhhhh Boy! Looking forward to the Shred Off :shred: anyone here competing? Also the Canadian Loop Station Championship; always cool to watch/listen. $8 and I'm set for the day...GAS to last a year! Who else is going?
  18. IkarusOnFire

    Mesa RK 1 - master doesn't work?

    Hello people! I've a rather odd problem. My Mesa Road King 1's master/loop/solo setting has stopped working. That is - whenever I have the "loop system active" switched on, there is no sound whatsoever. Neither of the 4 channels have anything. When I switch it onto "bypass" I have all the...
  19. S

    Loop Pedals?

    I have been looking to get loop pedal and i have heard a lot about all different kinds of loops, i was looking at getting a Boss Rc-20xl. Has anyone heard anything bad about it or is there something better i can get? pedals are my weak point in gear and i have only just recently been building...
  20. scottro202

    TC Elecronics G Major in Front End of Amp? Installing an Effects Loop in My Amp?

    SOOO I want a TC Electronics G Major. Bad. Problem. I know it's supposed to be in the loop of an amp. That's all fine and dandy, one problem.... My amp doesn't HAVE a loop. So, if I can run it into the front end of my amp with no HUGE difference, then I'm a happy man. BUT, if the...