line6 pod hd pro

  1. James_D_Trunks

    New song recorded

    Hei guys, just recorded a new song. Check it out:
  2. James_D_Trunks

    Home Recordings

    Hei guys, here are some of my home recordings. I recorded guitars and bas with my Line6 Pod HD Pro. Check it out: Feel free to...
  3. nic0us

    Controlling Pitch Glide -effect via Line6 Shortboard FBV MKII?

    The title pretty much says what I'm asking for. In POD HD Pro, there is an effect called Pitch Glide (most likely Digitech Whammy -type of effect) and I would like to know if it's possible to control via Shortboard FBV MKII. What I want is to be able to control the amount of the pitch with the...
  4. nic0us

    Rocktron Velocity 300 - Enough power for live use?

    As the threadname says, I'm looking an answer to that question. I already searched around the forum and internet in general, but didn't really find an answer to this question. I also asked this on Line 6 POD HD Thread here, but so far nobody answered there so I decided to ask here. Let's get...
  5. LolloBlaskhyrt

    Line 6 Pod HD Pro question!

    Hi! I'm going to buy a Line6 Pod HD Pro soon :fawk: ....and I need a midi controller. I thinked about a Behringer FCB1010 because of price (I don't need a Ground Control). It's possible to control the Pod HD Pro with the Behringer controller? can I assign the presets to the pedals of...
  6. LolloBlaskhyrt

    Is Pod HD Pro latent in preset switching?

    Many people said thath the Pod HD Pro is pretty latent when you change the preset (something like a delay or in some cases a "blackout"). Never happened to you? I'm gonna buy it (too poor for AxeFx) and I need to know if is a good choice! I don't know also how I could switch the presets from a...
  7. AlexQ1993

    Mix Test - Elitist cover with Pod HD Pro

    This was the first time I did a full cover with programmed drums. I was hoping to get some feedback on the mix. I feel like it's decent but I'm trying to work on making it sound less distant. There's something about all my recordings that seems to be a bit empty sounding that I can't put my...
  8. Variant

    Line 6 POD HD Thread

    Figured I'd start a new thread instead of tacking this onto the "Line 6's answer to the Axe-Fx?" thread. Line 6 | POD HD My opinion? Samples sound good, if only single-tracked, without backing tracks, and many of them with goofy processing. The JCM800, in particular, sounds really really...