1. Picsou

    How to control lights on stage ?

    Hi everyone, I've been struggling with lighting control recently. We are running an ableton session with a dmxis box wich controls our lights that we bought and set to the right dmx channel. So this is my question : How do I control the lights that are already on stage without changing all my...
  2. Descent

    Looking for portable bass amp with 2nd input for mic

    Mainly looking to upgradem y aging Peavey amp, but since this might be used for the occasional drunken jam session I'll need a mic plug as well as I don't have a PA. Does anything like that exist? I know I can get a PA speaker but then that won't have the fancy bass eq options, etc. So for...

    Automatic Stage Light Box

    alright guys here is a quick guide to building your own light box (for those not familiar its basically a box with halogen lights inside and plexiglass on top with sensors that lights up when you jump on it) for those of us not playing madison square garden this is a very cool prop for do it...
  4. L

    Ibanez S 2020xAV /w APC Pickup

    Selling an Ibanez S2020xAV. Bought this around Christmas time last year. I think it's time to let it go. I'm upgrading to an Ernie Ball Music Man JP6. I upgraded the pickups in this to an APC Persuader Lead and an APC Felony X. positions 2 and 4 in the 5 way toggle switch are both killswitches...