legator guitars

  1. H

    Legator N7FP - Metal

    Got my hands not long ago on this guitar.. Awesome for the price. What do you think?
  2. S

    Feedbacks for Legator N7FP

    Hey Guys, I am planning to buy the Legator N7FP FanFret Multiscale guitar, I have read a lot of comments and articles about the Legator QC issues pre 2020 models. Are the post 2020 models good, with any QC issues? If any of you own a Legator or the N7FP, I would appreciate and love to hear...
  3. HollowSoul

    Cort KX508MS vs Legator G8PF

    Hello! Just joined Seven String community and I have a question. I want to buy an 8 string multiscale under 1000$. My main two picks are Cort KX508MS and Legator G8PF. Are they any good? I saw lost of bad comments against Legator, but as far as I know they changed factory some time ago and the...
  4. Absaloms Axe

    NGD: Legator Ghost G8FP Pink Flamingo 8-String fanned fret multiscale

    Hey there, got this one in the mail today and after some major trussrod adjustments it sings like a dog. Regarding CC issues: I chose to keep it even though the g-string was not tunable at first and i needed to change it (not a big deal but kinda sucks) The windings on the ball end were too...
  5. H

    A Positive Legator Review

    Legator N7FOD-EB 25.5″-27″ Multi Scale 7 string Mahogany Body , Buckeye top 5pc Mahogany/Maple Neck, Ebony FB Injection Molded Graphite Nut Grover Tuners (I upgraded to locking tuners) Custom Passive Alnico V 14″ radius 3 way toggle switch , Master Volume I recently received my new Ninja 7...
  6. H

    Drop F on 26.5' scale?

    Hi, I am very new to this forum, so bear with me or tell me anything if I do something not apt to this forum :p Anyway, I just got my new Jackson slattxmg3-7 few months ago, and I really like it! Recently, for my one-man band project, I wanted to tune down my guitar to Drop F (i.e. basically...
  7. Mouth Of The Harlot

    Legator Guitars?

    What is everyone's opinion on Legator guitars? We recently entered a contest to win a full endorsement by Legator guitars, and we are doing pretty well in 2nd place. I've never even touched a Legator guitar in my life, though they endorse some musicians that I highly respect, such as...
  8. L

    Win a full band endorsement from Legator Guitars.

    Whether you're a road hardened touring musician or joining your first band, every artist can use a little support. That's why Legator Guitars is offering bands an opportunity to win a full endorsement. Bands will receive support from Legator including guitars, bass, artist promotions, and a...