1. DCM_Allan

    Show Your LACS Collection

    I'm a LACS fan, I know is hard to get our mortal hands on one of them, but let me see your holy grail. "The LACS11 is a One-off model which is sold exclusively by select Ibanez music retailers. The LACS team designed this axe as an homage to perhaps the most famous RG model ever, the RG550. The...
  2. DCM_Allan

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    Ok guys, I think it's the right time to start this thread to know what is coming for 2022 I couldn't get photos but I have received some details that Ibanez will have a few new models for the next year, starting with RGAs Prestige 6 strings, but sadly not in 7 strings versions. New Iron Labels...
  3. D

    Zombie Autopilot ( LACS content X2)

    My buddy recently picked up both of these bad boys and figured I’d share the porn. As a Unearth fan myself these are pretty special instruments. Not sure why Ibanez never decided to do a signature model for Ken and Buz when they made them these instruments. Tons of mojo and battle scars on them...
  4. DCM_Allan

    NGD RGDR 7 LACS content

    Here you have the close shots of my new guitar day, a 1/1 machine I was waiting for a long time, since the beginning of my interest by the LACS about 7 years ago I was trying to have one with no success, Finally I had the chance to step into this one with effort and finally it's here. It's a...
  5. zimbloth

    Ibanez LACS RGA 7-String Dino Cazares

    I usually keep it humble and rarely share my personal guitars, but this one was just too cool not to. This is easily the finest Ibanez I've ever laid my hands on. And I've owned it all, including about 10 LACS artist guitars. The new Seymour Duncan "Machete" pickup sounds badass as well! This...
  6. zimbloth

    Ibanez LACS RGD/RGA 7-String Goodness

    Presented without further comment.
  7. scott from _actual time_

    FS Ibanez LACS LA Custom Shop endorsee 7-string--maple neck-thru, flame maple & mahogany body S

    I'm selling my neck-thru Ibanez LACS S 7-string, that some of you old-timers might remember. It's on Reverb. (I didn't see anything in the rules saying don't post Reverb links? Pls LMK if I'm wrong.) Here's the details and a link. Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Neck-thru...
  8. CLONE

    FS Ibanez 8-string lacs Dino Cazares L.A custom shop

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Black Ibanez LACS 8-string that used to belong to Dino Cazares from Fear Factory. Is one of the first 8-strings that Ibanez ever built (The Meshuggah guys got one each and also Rusty Cooley and Dino). I blurred out the serial but it's from 2005...
  9. Sebastian

    Dino's New Ibanez LACS RGA7!

    26.5" Body: Ash Neck: Maple/Wenge 3 Piece Fretboard: Ebony with 24 frets Tight End R-7 fixed bridge Seymour Duncan Duality pickup Hipshot Open Back Locking Tuners Looks amazing!
  10. azyat

    /FT Ibanez, Mayones, ESP 7string

    So, I decided to make it triple seven. If required, I'll modify this in three separate threads. Hope you'll enjoy! :cool: Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez RG7 LACS Designed 3. Basswood body, maple neck with bubinga fillets, rosewood fretboard. 25.5 scale, Lo-Pro Edge...
  11. C


  12. Lorcan Ward

    Jari Mäenpää from Wintersun's new RGD LACS

    26.5" scale Tuning - Drop Bb 24 frets, last four scalloped Jescar Gold-Evo FW57110 frets EMG 57/66 Body Lightweight Basswood Dark Rosewood Fretboard Maple Neck-Through LOXX Strap Locks Gotoh tuning keys, 1:21 ratio Earvana Nut I'm guessing he will get Dylan to do the installation again.
  13. C

    LACS Ibanez S Series

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar:2008 Ibanez LACS S series guitar. Swamp ash body, ebony board, 25.5 inch scale, EMG 81 and 85 Pickups. Guitar is in 9.8/10 condition Modifications (if any):None Accessories (hardshell case etc):Ibanez hardshell case Location (City,State or...
  14. Forkface

    So, I just fell in love with a guitar...

    Ok, so I saw the footage of Emperor playing on Hellfest on the Emperor thread, and I instantly fell in love with Ihsahn's Iceman. seriously, its like the Gods of black metal forged it from tears and blood. Anyway, I took me like 2 seconds to realize I wanted it. BAD. Took me another second...
  15. Toxin

    Ibanez LACS Ramon Ortiz 7 string

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Good condition. Mahogany body Maple/bubinga bolt-on neck / Maple fingerboard HH config, SD Jazz neck pickup, Motorcity Afwayu bridge pickup, push-pulls on both volume and tone pots(volume pot - neck parallel, tone - bridge parallel), 3 way switch...
  16. Toxin

    FT Ibanez LACS

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Finally decided to let my baby go international, instead of selling it only locally. This one was made for David Fiuczinski. Excellent condition. Korina body / Flame maple top / creme binding Korina/bubinga bolt-on neck / Rosewood fingerboard HSH...
  17. SpaceDock

    NGD Infamous Maple Boarded RGD LACS

    Well it was me. :agreed: I thought I'd roll the dice, I've had enough bad luck with the Rico ordeal that I deserved to win. The seller was painful as hell to deal with and it came USPS wrapped in unfolded liquor store boxes but arrived safely none the less. It is the real deal and it...
  18. JakePeriphery

    NGD Ibanez LACS Titan 6 String

    Hi friends! I just got this nasty girl in the mail, thought you'd like to peep dis. It's basically the same guitar as my 7 string but in 6-style yo. There's now a volute and JEM jack as well as black hardware instead of the pewter. Sorry for the photos, I don't own a good camera. Copy...
  19. JakePeriphery

    NGD: Ibanez LACS RGA 7 String

    Hey guys, I just received this instrument from Ibanez, figured you guys might like to check it out. The guitar sounds amazing and is a total winner. There were babes stuck all over this thing when it arrived and I told them all to get the hell out because I wanted to play guitar. Specs: RGA...
  20. skisgaar

    How does an RG7621 compare to aN RG1527?

    Hey guys, I'm looking at getting another 7 string soon and my eye has been on an RG1527 for a while now. I bought an RG7621 a while back and now I want something new. I know the guitars are similar aesthetically, but I was wonder based on playability, how do they compare? are the necks too...