1. Schaug

    NGD Ibanez K-7!

    Poarn first! :hbang: OK, still didn't have the time to plug it in but it's in a great shape and I spent several hours setting it up. I adjusted the truss rod BUT I'm having huge problems with lowering the Lo Pro Edge. It seems that the set screws inside the locking...
  2. rgk7

    FS/FT DiMarzio, S. Duncan pickups

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: All of these are for 7 String 2x PAF 7 grey (Apex/K-7) 2x D-Activator 7 black neck and bridge (Set only) (1x Blaze custom 7 black-not sure) 2x S.Duncan - Blackouts 7 phase1 neck and bridge black (DiMarzio standart size, set only) >>>>found...
  3. SkullCrusher

    Ibanez K-7 (UK, Europe)

    If you have a K-7 you want to sell and you're from Europe preferably UK I will consider anything. please mail me on here or [email protected] Thanks Dom
  4. Umbralegio

    Need a lil' help here, Schecter vs Ibby... again

    Well, since it's my first post here i would like to greet all of you here. And yeah, i know tehre is already a couple of threads like this (and oh lord, ive read them all, honestly), but i still need some suggestions. The thing is.. i cant decide what to get.. still.. Schecter Loomis with...
  5. meisterjager

    NGD!! (It's not your day, 56k)

    After GASsing like a madman after a 7 string Ibanez for all of 10 days, I ended up with this badass plank! I played a couple of 1527's recently, and general consensus was 'yes please'.. then this showed up here on ss.org. I can't imagine wanting anything else in a guitar, no more, no less, but...
  6. H

    Can someone please tell me..

    What are the EXACT pickups originally found in the Ibanez K-7? I'm aware that they're DiMarzio PAF-7's but I've seen them on ebay etc. listed with a model no. such as "DP759" and such. Are the pickups identical in the bridge and neck from the factory? All specifications I've seen list them as...
  7. Abaddon

    Trouble Wiring a K7

    Hi everyone. I'm having some trouble here I'm putting a set of Bare Knuckle Pickups in a K7 but i'm having trouble getting it to work properly. I've installed many pickups in many guitars but i usually don't have this much trouble. It's usually pretty straight forward and only takes me one shot...
  8. D

    /FT Ibanez K-7

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez K-7BG (2001 model) Modifications (if any): Null Accessories (hardshell case etc): Gig bag, U-bar Location (City,State or City,Country): Vilnius, Lithuania Contact Info (No Phone #s): email - [email protected] skype - es_kiz_as...
  9. zimbloth

    Zimbloth's Fall Lineup: 6, 7, & 8-string Content + NGD (Zillion pics)

    Featuring: BC Rich USA Custom Mockingbird Supreme BC Rich USA Custom Exclusive Supreme Bernie Rico Jr Custom Shop Vixen 7 (white) Bernie Rico Jr Custom Shop Vixen 7 (blood red) Ibanez RG2610E Prestige Ibanez RGA121VF Prestige Ibanez RG2228 Prestige Ibanez K7 Behold...
  10. D

    Ibanez K-7

    Hey. So, I've got this K-7 for about 2months, and like 2 weeks ago I understood that it's not for me. Don't like the PAF-7s, don't like the scale, don't like the looks of it (inlay, ugh). And I started listening+playing lots and lots of Nevermore, so I've got maaaaaaajor GAS for Loomis. So...
  11. GTR0B

    Tuning Question

    Hi guys! :yesway: I really want to put my K-7 in F standard (F A# D# G# C# F# A#), so what would be a suitable string guage? Bearing in mind the K-7 is 25.5", would a 13-56 with a 72 hold up? Thanks dudes.