john petrucci

  1. classicalmetal24

    Cover Songs - backing track/original audio

    Hi guys/girls, I'm wondering if anyone has an answer to my question. Basically, I learn a lot of songs, know a lot of dream theater songs, iron maiden etc.. The thing is I don't really like play to the original audio because I don't want the original guitar bleeding through while I am playing...
  2. Gallardo147

    NGD: EBMM JPXI-7 BFR (glad to be part of the family!)

    After quite some time saving money, I was finally able to acquire this beautiful piece of art. I've had my eyes on the JP guitars for quite a few years and it's been a dream to some day be able to afford one. I found a great deal on this one, the guy I bought it from said that he's owned it for...
  3. youngthrasher9

    Anyone know where I can get JP knobs?

    I tried a EBMM JP6 in guitar center a while back, and those knobs were killer. I think they would look really good on my Mushok baritone, but I can't find them for sale anywhere. I know, weird question.
  4. shreddyknight

    Ibanez JPM100 P2 John Petrucci (1997)

    Description On sale my Ibanez John Petrucci guitar model JPM100 in P2 pastel colours finish from 1997. Condition Guitar is in almost mint condition. Perfect neck, clean fingerboard, perfect frets with absolutely no wear, perfect head also with no marks. All electronics wortks fine with no...
  5. FromNorthernLands

    Ibanez Universe or JP7

    Hey guys! I'm wanting to get a new guitar. I got a Agile Septor 827 last year and loaded the beast with a Dimarzio Ionizer for the neck and a BareKnuckle Aftermath in the bridge. I love the beast, but i'm finding that the things i'm wanting to play, is just way to difficult for me to play on a...
  6. classicalmetal24

    Practicing fast solos

    Currently practicing stream of consciousness by dream theater, I've mastered everything in the song except for the solo. Now the solo is not too technical for me, but what I am having trouble with (and I have encountered this problem with other songs) is how to exactly play it. I would like to...
  7. Masoo2

    In case you guys haven't seen the new Sterlings

    bruh :agreed: I'm so hyped for next year's guitar offerings, and this just adds to the amazement that will be Winter NAMM.
  8. G

    Gus Drax-In Presence of The Dead (Instrumental Progressive Metal)

    Hello guys This a demonstration of a song off of my solo album called "In Search Of Perfection" The track is called "In Presence Of The Dead" Hope you like it. Gus
  9. G

    Your top 5 favorite solos

    Hey guys! Thought I would make a thread because I needed to listen to some new material and why not do it like this. I know it is hard to choose your favorites, but then at least at the moment. Today mine are: Dream Theater (John P) - Under a Glass Moon Paul Wardingham - Fields of Utopia...
  10. N

    New pickups for PRS 7-string

    I recently bought a PRS SE Custom 24 7-string guitar and it's fantastic. Though, want to try some other pickups in it. I mostly play progressive metal as Dream Theater, Periphery, Opeth.. Any recommendations? I was thinking to buy DiMarzio Crunch Lab and Liquifire, but I saw these new ones...
  11. shreddyknight

    Ibanez JPM100 P3 John Petrucci 1997

    Description / Condition: On sale my Ibanez JPM100 John Petrucci model discontinued model in ivory/blck finish from 1997. Guitar is in excellent condition with no chips or dings. Frets are great too. All electronics works fine withouth noise or buzzing. Only cosmetical issue is first saddles on...
  12. E

    Ibanez RGD2127FX ish with BKPs vs EBMM JP12-7

    Hey! what's up everyone, i'm new to this whole "forum" thing and this is my first post so please don't kill me if this question has been asked before. i live in Panama (central america) and i already have a EBMM JP12-6 Bali Blue, and i wanna get an awesome 7 string, only problem is in my...
  13. JoeGuitar717

    Ernie Ball Sterling JP50 Guitar (Stealth Black)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: EBMM Sterling JP50 in stealth black. The trem/locking tuners are awesome and I really dig the pickups, but I'm looking to pick up a fender jaguar. This Sterling is in GREAT condition, practically brand new. Modifications (if any): Chrome saddles...
  14. Daf57

    John Petrucci Demonstrates Riffs from Dream Theater's 'Black Clouds & S

    Hope this is not a re-post - old cool video in celebration of the new CD dropping! :bowdown: Lesson Video: John Petrucci Demonstrates Riffs from Dream Theater's 'Black Clouds & Silver Linings' | Guitar World
  15. zimbloth

    DiMarzio Illuminator 6 and 7-String Pickups Now Available @ The Axe Palace

    Hey guys, we're expecting our first shipment of the new DiMarzio Illuminator John Petrucci 6 and 7-string pickups in the coming days. The first batch will feature them in black, both f-spaced, regular, and 7-string variety. They're building us colored ones now which have to be custom built, so...
  16. Bouvre

    Music Man JPXI *MINT*

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 6 String EBMM JPXI (MINT condition, hardly ever played) Modifications (if any): n/a Accessories (hardshell case etc): Hardshell Location (City,State or City,Country): Los Angeles, CA International OK? : no Contact Info (No Phone #s) PM or...
  17. K

    NGD EBMM content

    Got this JP6 in red burst for a steal. Easily the nicest guitar I've ever owned.
  18. HeadBender

    EBMM JP12 BFR Cherry Sugar - (Completely New)

    For sale or maybe For partial trade - trades are only within EU and UK due to Customs. As for trades - something with a value of 1000-1200€ - Unless you have a JPX-7 or a JP12-7 Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: EBMM JP12 Ball Family Reserve Cherry Sugar Amazing guitar, Brand...
  19. classicalmetal24

    Michael Angelo and John Petrucci Performance Together?

    So does it exist?? I would love to see what exactly would arise if JP and MAB were playing live together, maybe trading of epic improvised riffs and solos. In my opinion these guys are the top 2. as far as musicality and shredding:shred: go, So if anyone knows of a video or something of them...
  20. Svava

    Which Pickups?

    Hey Guys, I just got my Ibanez RG 927 QM with a fixed bridge today- I absolutely love it. I'll be replacing the plastic nut with an oxbone one just because I don't like plastic, but besides that it's wonderful. I also would like to change the pickups and I'm wondering what you guys...