jeff loomis model

  1. A

    Lundgren m7 or liquifire 7 on neck?

    hey guys,I have shcecter jeff loomis 7 string with floyd rose.the body is ash I have decided to put a lundgren m7 for bridge,and I can`t decide for the neck,m7 neck,or dimarzio liquifire 7?! if I put liquifire in the neck,and m7 in bridge,does it sound good?does these two make a good...
  2. HeHasTheJazzHands

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    First, we have the Banshee 8-string, as shown before. And then the return of the Classic series, including the old fixed bridge version and a new Floyd Rose-equipped one. They're also talking about expanding the Banshee series to have a 7-string version, and will have a Hipshot-loaded...
  3. tbeiber09

    Body and Neck Modifications?

    Hey everybody. I have a schecter C-7 Loomis fr. I absolutely LOVE the sound of this beast! However, i would like to deepen the cutaway and make the neck profile thinner, and flatter. i'm scared shitless about working on the neck since that can change the structural integrity. I've heard quite a...
  4. M

    Schecter Jeff Loomis C7 FR 7-string and a marshall jvm or ?

    I'm looking at buying myself a 7 string and some gear next month and from what I have seen and read the Jeff Loomis, Schecter C7 FR 7-string is the way to go.Its been recommended that I get my hands on a marshall jvm aswell. Any thoughts?I don`t know much about the different 7 string models...
  5. alilcluless

    Jeff Loomis Sig Model

    I'm no longer clueless on the seven string I want, Schecter Jeff Loomis FR 7 I was thinking I could save some money this way... PM me if instrested in selling. My location is CT.
  6. Codyyy

    The final decision - narrowed to two.

    Alright, this has been a rather long decision process, but I'm now narrowed down to two sevens to decide between. Each has their pros and cons, and I simply can't decide. So here it is, I rely upon you fine people :yesway: RG1527, or Loomis. and for those of you thinking something along...

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