1. Obscurabeast2002

    Best preamp or modeler for Prog, technical death metal, and jazz?

    If anyone can give me some suggestions to buy a preamp to practice/record with my headphones and laptop that has clean, and heavy tones. My influences are bands like Dark Fortress, Obscura, Spawn of Possession, and various technical death metal, black metal and jazz artists. I need a preamp...
  2. 27prblms

    To all 7 string players in Arizona

    Hi, I’m new to the forums. I’m looking for any guitar players that live in anywhere in arizona to possibly collab with that have an ear for the more progressive side of modern metal music. I’d love to find some local extended range community, btw i’m a huge ibanez enthusiast thank you
  3. kentays

    My debut full-length! Mixing jazz, metal, dense instrumentation!

    Hey SS.org! Hope you're having a great day. I just released my debut record 2 days ago! Soundwise, it's a blend of my university education (jazz/modern jazz) and a healthy dose of my love for all things progressive metal (I guess I just never got over my highschool djent phase :) I covered all...
  4. kentays

    (Jazz/Metal Album) For those of you who like sax/piano over your metal riffs

    Hi SS.org! Hope I don’t bother this subforum too much with my jazz/Metal/art music/self-promotion threads I’m releasing an album joined by some of my favorite musicians and collaborators from my time living/studying in New York. I’m super happy to have a huge range of instrumentalists and...
  5. Cesarguitar

    CG Project - She's The Danger (First single of my first album!)

    Hi everyone, i want to share with you guys the first video of my upcoming first album "Running in Circles" The album is an instrumental record and has a lot of rock fusion, jazz fusion, blues rock, traditional jazz and prog rock. Sadly i didn't use a seven string in the album lol. I hope you...
  6. bkit13

    Fender Jazz bass for metal?

    Pretty new here, so excuse my ignorance on anything "obvious" Been looking to record some bass tracks in Drop C, and was wondering what thoughts people had on using a Japanese Geddy Lee Jazz bass with a 34" scale length, as well as any ideas on the best strings to use. Getting a new bass isn't...
  7. guitaardvark

    Need Jazz Fusion Recommendations Like CHON That Aren't Chon

    I've been listening to Chon on repeat for a year and want to branch out. I don't even know if most would consider them Jazz Fusion, but I'm looking for other bands that have fun grooves and dense, oblique harmonies. The shredding/insane technical facilities are great, but I don't really care for...
  8. A

    Anyone knows picks that feel like Ultex but sound closer to Tortex?

    I started my guitar way long time ago with Dunlop Big Stubby 3.0, later been using some local 1.5 Acrylic Jazz picks which are pretty expensive. Also experimented with some buffalo horn and Dunlop`s Delrin picks but wasn`t impressed. recently tried to find cheaper and maybe a little thinner...

    Maine Prog Metal

    Looking for another guitarists to put together something proggy, metal and more technical than basic chug, chug, chug riffing. I’m located in the Central Maine area and go to college at KVCC in Fairfield (in case you go as well). Looking to jam in person for a while and figure out if there is...
  10. CRISPR

    Maine Prog Metal Musicians

    Looking for another guitarists to put together something proggy, metal and more technical than basic chug, chug, chug riffing. I’m located in the Central Maine area and go to college at KVCC in Fairfield (in case you go as well). Looking to jam in person for a while and figure out if there is...
  11. M

    EASY Jazz Practice Jam Track (good for beginners)

    Hi guys, Been having fun with this 2-chord vamp jazz play-along, so thought I'd share it with you :) HAPPY JAMMING!
  12. Masoo2

    Best first Jazzmaster?

    Wanting something that's not an 8 string with dual humbuckers and a hardtail. Been in a rut, started listening to post hardcore/math rock/indie/pop/dreampop, jazzmaster would better fit those sounds. I'm torn between the Vintage Modified, J Mascis Sig, or shelling out the dough for a 60's...
  13. Slunk Dragon

    Arch Echo - Happiest Prog Metal Ever

    A quick search turned up no threads talking about these guys. I think they need some serious love going. I just found out about them, and oh my god it's like a lovechild of Dream Theater, CHON, and Super Mario. And they're all so freaking happy, too! Like you can tell these guys genuinely enjoy...
  14. G

    Jazz songs books

    I was just wondering if any of you knew a great book of "must-know" jazz songs, but in standard notation ? I know it would be easier to find tabs, but I'd really like to work on my sight reading so anyone knows about a book of that sort?
  15. thoughtpyotr

    where do you share your music?

    Hey guys I made a tune the other day in order to practice thumping. It kinda sounds like AAL: https://soundcloud.com/pedropeedro/pop-philosopher Soundcloud isn't what it used to be though. I find little to no action there and instead have to send Soundcloud links elsewhere (like here). Do you...
  16. H

    New fusion track

    Hello, I just released a new track hope you enjoy
  17. will_shred

    New (wannanty replacement) guitar day!

    So the guitar that this replaced was a Luna Gypsy series, and that's for the best. Thanks GC pro coverage. The Luna had a horribly back bowed neck, and the truss rod was completely loose. So the action issues were pretty much irreparable. I wanted a cheap beater guitar to bring to school, but I...
  18. A

    Charvel San Dimas or PRS SE (with SD Alpha and Omega)

    Hey... I am planning to buy a new guitar and I am torn between Charvel San Dima Pro Mod Style 2 7 HH and PRS SE Mark Holcomb 2017. My interest is definitely in djent and metal but I play other stuff too. Jazz, a bit of fusion and a lot of thumping and slapping on guitar as well. My points of...
  19. Pilgrim of the Dark

    Advice on possible second bass please

    I'm a relatively new bass player coming from a guitar background. My first bass is an Ibanez SR500 (4-string). Its a very comfortable bass to play, but I absolutely hate the tones I get. I've always heard great things about Bartolini pickups, so I think the main problem lies with the Ibanez...
  20. huhngott

    Living Impressions - Hopefully different than what's out there. Prog Metal/Jazz

    Here is Alioth from my upcoming album The Big Dipper! I've decided to invest in professional quality so you can have an album to remember for the rest of your days. Pre orders will be available in the future. Go to the YouTube link to watch the full video, Make sure to subscribe to my new...