1. bjjman

    Help ID these Jackson tuners

    I know a lot of Jackson tuners are rebranded Gotohs but these don't seem to be, based on the absence of a locating screw at the rear. From on my searching, I think it might be a Schaller M6 but I thought someone here might know for sure. Guitar is a Pro Series Jeff Loomis Kelly. Thanks!
  2. Decon87

    FS Multiple guitars for sale -- EBMM, Jackson 7 string, Ibanez Prestige (and an Iron Label 8)

    Please keep in mind ALL prices are negotiable though some I am more willing to negotiate on more than others. These are feelers and I have no intention of selling all of these guiitars, just a few to recover funds from a Vik I just purchased. Please don't take it as an insult if you feel some...
  3. FancyFish

    FS Jackson DK27D Baritone

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Jackson DK27D. Early to Mid 2000s MiJ baritone model, currently strung up with Daddario 14-68 set in G standard/Drop F. Some small dings and scratches. Modifications (if any): Currently wired single pickup (Mojotone Black Magic) straight to the...
  4. smck96

    Jackson HT7 or new Epiphone MKH 7 sig?

    I've posted this in a few places and it seems to heavily favour the jackson but thought I'd just check here too anyways. New Matt Heafy sig coming out in the summer, supposedly $1.2-1.4k USD which means probably near $1.8k CAD? Fishman pickups and 25.5" scale, really dig the LP custom vibe and...
  5. Emperoff

    New 7-String Jeff Loomis Jackson Signature

    Not a Kelly, as was to be expected, but pretty cool. This is completely based on his Custom Shop Soloist we've seen him use in clinics and recent videos (but without the weird headstock logo): Price is 1700$ and is made in Korea. Considering current prices of Indonesian guitars from...
  6. manu80

    Jackson/Charvel 2022 thread

    Hi guys, and Happy New Year ! Despite the Namm being delayed and the fact that some 2021 guitars are still hard to get in stores, I was wondering if any of you have any infos on new models for 2022 ? I wish Jackson could surf on the Mustaine trend and release some natural/korina/silver KV's and...
  7. works0fheart

    Jackson RR24MG

    Anyone else notice this? Don't know when it was released and haven't seen much advertisement around it whatsoever, but seriously debating on picking one up. Debating on picking up either this or an EII Alexi, but I'm a little putoff that for their price points neither feature ss frets...
  8. TedEH

    Unexpected NGD: Sustainiac Edition

    I forgot that earlier in the week a coworker made a comment about having some old guitar that he was going to get rid of, and asked if I'd be willing to take it off his hands. I said sure, of course not. Why wouldn't I? I figured he probably had a beat up starter Squier or something I could...
  9. M

    FS Jackson Pro Series SD22 JB (The "Crossroads" guitar) [EU]

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Replica of Steve Vai's guitar from the movie "Crossroads", limited edition (250) Jackson Made In Mexico guitar. Alder body, maple neck and fretboard, DiMarzio PAF Pro neck pickup, Super Distorsion bridge, Floyd Rose (dive only). Modifications : None...
  10. D

    WTB 05-06 Jackson DKMGT MIJ w/EMGs

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Jackson DKMGT MiJ w/EMGs (2 knob version) Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Hard/Soft case Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Montreal, Quebec, Canada International OK?: North America ideally Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM please References (eBay or other...
  11. adriangrizzly

    I started photographing my guitar gear. Here are some shots.

    Hello there, after playing guitar AND doing photography for many years, I decided to combine my love for both passions. I hope this is the right place for these kind of shots, nobody gets offended by the amount of dad-guitars (I'm well aware I am on sevenstring.org - I'm just getting older...)...
  12. Themistocles

    NGD Jackson JS-227Q with Duncan SH5 bridge and CarvinC26T in neck

    Ok, so I wasnt sure I was into a 26.5 as both of my other 7's I have are 25.5 scale. Answer, the Jackson platform JS line for a trial (Im having a custom being built so I want to be sure plus variety). I opted for a Js 227Q instead of the hella cheap Js227 because well, it wont be as common...
  13. alessandroarzilli

    My Jackson Kelly Star KSXT

    Hello everyone, I would like to share with you all my Kelly Star KSXT made in Japan (?) in 2001, according to the archived catalogues. I've been on the hunt for one for a looong time, but luckily I found one completely disassembled at a local online sale. I repainted it the best I coudl and this...
  14. manu80

    NGD • Purple Cracked Jackson ;)

    Hey guys! here it is ! finally scored one !!!!!!!!! Out of stock or unavailable til october, finally snagged one on Gear4music. Never ordered from them but it went ok. Guitar arrived in standard factory box, but well protected inside. It's china made. No case, just a allen key and a tag. No...

    Rate my bands newest single!

    Hey guys! My band Wasted Creation drops our debut album 'Primordial' in 2 weeks, I figured to get the ball rolling I would bring our newest single 'Black Dominion' here to get some valuable opinions/critiques! Feel free to plug your own band and show off that new material you've been cooking up...
  16. jkspawn

    WTB Jackson SL7Q 7 string Alien Burst

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a Jackson SL7Q 7 string Alien Burst. If anyone has one for sale hit me up!
  17. alessandroarzilli

    Jackson JS22-7: from black to lime green

    Hello everyone! I just finished my very first repainting project and I'm really happy to see how it came out, so I would like to share with you all my complete series of videos about how to refinish a guitar from scratch. I'm a total amateur newbie, so yes of course a lot of things could have...
  18. RLG167

    Jackson Pro Series Now Made In China?

    Hey guys, I was thinking about picking up the new Jackson Pro Series MF1 with the cracked mirror, but it looks like the Pros are made in China now? Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't they made in Indonesia before? I'm an ESP player usually so I'm not all too familiar with Jackson, but I'm not...
  19. Mechayoshi

    WTB Jackson Warrior WRMG

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Jackson Warrior Wrmg, any color I’m interested. (The cobalt blue or Black Forest would be perfect though) I don’t care what pickups are installed, stock or not. Doesn’t matter if it’s the three or two knob version. Any condition is fine as long as the neck doesn’t need a lot...
  20. alessandroarzilli

    Jackson Randy Rhoads RR3 Crimson Swirl - Clean, repair and full setup

    Hello pointy guitars clan! I finally published my video where I clean, polish, repair and full setup my Jackson Randy Rhoads RR3 Crimson Swirl made in Japan! This thing SCREAMS metal!