1. Chewy5150

    FS ISP Decimator Noise Reduction Pedal

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: ISP Decimator Noise Reduction Pedal v1 Selling a lightly used ISP Decimator. I have two and no longer need them both. Works perfectly. Modifications (if any): Velcro on the bottom Accessories (hardshell case etc):None Location (City,State or...
  2. Gemmeadia

    All of my pedals

    Selling all my pedals. Will be posting Line 6 G50 wireless system in about a week. Some of these prices are lower than I'll be posting them for on ebay/etc, so hit me in the DMs asap if interested! ISP Decimator II - $70 Maxon 808 - $65 Boss RV-6 - SOLD Boss NS-2 - $40 Ibanez TS9 - $65...
  3. J

    Routing Line 6 Helix with Triple Rectifier, pedals, and rackmounted gear.

    Hello everyone. I need help with how to wire my newly purchased Line 6 Helix and all my other gear. I am somewhat new to setting up all these effects, cables, noisegates and whatnot.. I need a specific step by step way to connect following: Guitar, Line 6 Helix, Mesa Boogie...
  4. RLG167

    ISP Decimator 2 Question

    Hey everyone, today I picked up an ISP Decimator 2 noise gate from the local store, got a quick question. I'm running it through my Engl Inferno 100W and past about the 12 o'clock position on the knob on the pedal it starts to lower the gain, and if it's turned up all the way it makes it almost...
  5. onionofdoom

    ISP Decimator volume drop?

    So today I picked up an ISP Decimator G-String (the original one, not the II.) Got it for free so I can't complain, seems to do a decent job of eliminating preamp gain-induced hiss. The problem is, using the Decimator in the loop results in a noticeable drop in volume vs having nothing in the...
  6. L

    Another gate/supressor thread - Drawmer or ISP?

    So.. I've FINALLY got a hold of an ISP Decimator II in my household (don't own but flatmate has one and we loan each other different pedals to try). I'm looking to re-amp through pedals and either record with mic or back into DI again after pedals and wanted a noise suppressor and gate to help...
  7. Gmork

    Carvin DCM200L VS ISP Stealth

    choices choices. Hmmm. What do you all think. I love that they are 1u and weigh next to nothing. Both seem to have great reviews Ill be using it with a few different things including peavey rockmaster pre. Crate xlp pre. Tightmetal pro. Etc for technical death metal. Live and at home etc. Thanks
  8. Chris O

    ISP Impression multi-fx - Delay, Chorus, Reverb, Flange

    Brief & Accurate Description: iSP Impression Modifications: NONE Accessories: Power Supply, Original packaging Location: St Paul, MN International OK?: Nope... Contact Info: PM me here References: Feedback here, TGP, eBAy (axebiker), Rig Talk... Price: $225 shipped Pictures: see below...
  9. Meeotch

    ISP Vector 210 - a guitar sub for the masses?

    Well here goes my first post, and while this may seem like a review it's really more of a discussion/first impression so here goes. I wanted to share my thoughts on the Vector 210 since there is very little discussion on this newer offering from ISP. Just to clarify, the 210 is different from...
  10. C

    ISP Decimator Pro Rack G

    I was wondering what benefits I would have by getting the rack version of the decimator. And what exactly is the difference between that and the stereo mod? I currently have a 5150iii 50w amp. I run a BBE Sonic Maximizer and an original Decimator through the effects loop. Then in the front of...
  11. agonybrian

    ISP Decimator II problems - help!!

    I have owned an original Decimator before and it was amazing. Well, I sold it and replaced it with a Decimator II. I have no idea what is going on but when I have it on, it makes my cab sound like there's a blown speaker and has kind of this out of phase sound. I've never heard anything like...
  12. S

    JCM2000 TSL100 + Decimator Gstring

    Just wondering if anyone else has the same amp and noise gate. I need to know how you guys are setting it up. Because it seems I've tried everything, but no matter what I do I can't seem to make the deci work. I click it on and it doesn't do a thing. So what the .... :wallbash:
  13. Whitechapelx

    6505 Problems...

    Hey guys, Having trouble with my 6505 feedback. It only becomes a problem when playing live (or just loud). This is how I'm running my set up. Guitar > ISP Decimator Noise Reduciton > 6505. The feed back is awful even with the noise suppressor, I've tried looping the ISP through the effect loop...
  14. K

    Your favorite live rig

    Yours or someone elses. I'll start it off, I play a JP6 into a maxon od808 and isp decimator into a Peavy 6505+ into a mesa oversized straight slant recto cab. I also use a tc electronic polytune and a sennheiser g3 system.
  15. B

    Pro Rack G vs 2x NS2

    Hey guys, first time poster and freshly created account but I have been a passive reader for quite a long time now. Anyway, I am wondering if it is worth forking out extra money for a Pro Rack G. I currently have an NS2 but I am contemplating buying another one and having one of them in the...
  16. A

    Signal Chains, how do they work?

    So, I'm trying to piece together a solid signal chain for my rig I'm investing in over the next couple of months. And so far (and this isn't the actual order everything will be in) this is what I plan on getting: iSP Decimator noisegate, Maxon OD808 overdrive, *compressor* (idk which...
  17. R

    The noise gate thread where no one is allowed to suggest ISP

    Okay so i simply need a noise gate. I've read lots of threads on gates and ISP is consistently heralded as the noise gate Jesus. One problem. They're expensive and I don't want to dish the dough out unless I have no other option. I am full aware of the decimators capabilities but I am less aware...
  18. RichIKE

    NS2 vs ISP out front and something else in loop.

    So i Have a 5150iii and i currently just run an ISP decimator out front and that takes care of all of the pickup noise and feedback but the preamp is very hissy, so i would like to find a solution for that, my question is, would i be better off just getting another noise suppressor to run in the...
  19. S

    ISP Decimator G-String

    Hey, I'm planning on buying a decimator and a korg pitchblack tuner. But before I do, I just want to know exactly how I would set all that up.. I'm a little lost with this 4 cable method and having the deci go through the fx loop? Can someone shine some light on this for me?
  20. Code001

    ISP ProRackG and DigiTech Whammy IV

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: ISP Decimator ProRackG (mono version) and DigiTech Whammy IV Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): PSUs Location (City,State or City,Country): South FL Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM References (eBay or other forum...

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