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  1. DCM_Allan

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    Ok guys, I think it's the right time to start this thread to know what is coming for 2022 I couldn't get photos but I have received some details that Ibanez will have a few new models for the next year, starting with RGAs Prestige 6 strings, but sadly not in 7 strings versions. New Iron Labels...
  2. B

    Drop C Help: 52s and String Tension

    Hey Y'all, So, I got an Ibanez Iron Label back in January. Love how it played and sounded (still do!). However, I wanted it in Drop C instead of Drop D. I got it setup a few months back with some DR Drop Tuning Strings (54-11 gauges). The guitar SOUNDED amazing. However, I didn't quite like how...
  3. B

    Drop C w/ 52s (52-11) ...Help w/ string tension?

    Hey Y'all, So, I got an Ibanez Iron Label back in January. Love how it played and sounded (still do!). However, I wanted it in Drop C instead of Drop D. I got it setup a few months back with some DR Drop Tuning Strings (54-11 gauges). The guitar SOUNDED amazing. However, I didn't quite like...
  4. Obscurabeast2002

    Need some feedback about Ibanez Iron Label, are they worth the 1k?

    Im about to buy an Iron Label RGix7 for about 500$ from craigslist, are they any good? Or should i save up and invest on my second prestige?
  5. Bucketheadtwo

    Pickups For A Low-Tuned 7 (8 String Range)

    I'm looking for new pickups to put in my Ibanez RGDIR7M. It's a 26.5" scale 7-string with a contoured mahogany body, maple and purple heart 3-piece neck, and birdseye maple board. My guitar happens to be pretty light. My back is thankful for this, but I'm not sure if the light weight is because...
  6. Joan Maal

    FT (EU) 2X1 Looking for a M80M

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 8 String Ibanez Iron Label RGIX28FEQM Modifications (if any): White pearl pickguard and Vanson golden locking tuners Accessories (hardshell case etc): None Location (City,State or City,Country): Spain, CE Pictures...
  7. Vince Caruana

    Anyone ever played the Ibanez RGIT27FE?

    Been wanting one of these forever. Isn't often you see a neckthrough Ibanez 7. Too bad they're wicked hard to find. Really wanna pick up one with a Trans Grey finish in good condition. They need to bring back the neckthroughs!
  8. mguilherme87

    Ibanez RG Iron Label vs. RG 7321

    Hows it going, Im wondering what the quality difference is between an Ibanez Iron Label 7-string stock with EMG 707's against my Ibanez RG-7321. My RG 7321 has been upgraded with hipshot locking tuners, graphtech tusq nut, CTS pots and seymour duncan peg/sent set.
  9. Decon87

    FS WTS/WTT Ibanez Iron Label SIX27FDBG (Brand New; Read listing), Ibanez Prestige SR1000FM Bass

    DISCLAIMER: The only trades I'm interested in are two for one deals. I'm more interested in higher end gear these days. Very into EBMM, Strandberg, some Ibanez Prestige models, etc. Ibanez Iron Label SIX27FDBG Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: For all intents and purposes this...
  10. pick_d

    Ibanez RGIR38BFE (Iron Label, 8-string)

    Hello. I'd like to share my experience and thoughts about Ibanez RGIR38BFE which is Iron Label series. I apologize in advance for my english, just in case. Why this guitar: I wanted 8-string with active pickups (H-H), without tone pot and preferably locking tuners. Famous 2228 was a bit off...
  11. Kylefromhell

    RGA7 vs Iron Label 7

    Right so apologies if this has been answered before, but at the end of this week I’ll be putting the money down on my first 7 string, I’ve seen both of these in pretty alright condition, but they’re both online so playing either one in person is out of the question, I’m more looking for any...
  12. 777

    Thinking about an Iron Label - Are the quality issues still there?

    Im thinking about grabbing this as a hardtail 6 to down-tune Reading some reviews from 2015-2016 there seemed to be a multitude of quality issues with Iron label. Is this still the case? Used to...
  13. D

    Wage war - Alive (guitar cover)

    Hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did doing that. Feel free to give me your feedbacks, always a pleasure to know what people think. Have a good day folks.
  14. Z


    Which guitar is the more versatile/better buy? I currently have a 6-string Ibanez S521 that's always tuned to Drop C, and I love the body shape and everything but was wondering how much thicker would the RG model be over the standard S? Already have a 7 (Dean Avalanche), but would like to step...
  15. Gmork

    Anyone know if SD Nazgul bridge pick up will fit into ibanez ironlabel 8 string?

    well? anyone done this?
  16. T

    Ibanez RGDrgdix7mpb, thoughts? someone has it?

    Hi folks, i'm a new member, i don't know if this thread has been already discussed. Anyway i wanted to know if some of you have the new RGD and maybe asking how is the quality of the guitar itself. I'm a little bit confused about the Iron Label and the Premium range. I've sold my old seven...
  17. 089Ray

    NGD: RGAIX6FM (Rga Iron Label)

    NGD! Great body shape. I always loved RGA's. Setup was really good from the factory, just needed some minor adjustments. Fusion Edge pickups are quite "OK", voiced for modern/djenty metal. They somewhat reminded me of D-Activators / Aftermaths. The satin finish, transparent black and carved...
  18. accidental

    NGDay-after: Ibanez SIX70FDBG

    I was a bit skeptical about buying an iron label - especially over the internet - after reading all of the bad reviews, but I found one that no one bid on yet on the bay. The listing was awful so it didn't get any views or bids, so I took it away for $350:cool: (after him sending me pictures of...
  19. S

    Help me pick an 8 string!

    Hi guys, Im on the hunt for my first 8 string. I've been playing guitar for a while now and I already owned several 6 strings and Im currently playing a LTD h1007 7 string. Im looking to play both djenty stuff and clean/jazzy stuff like Rob Scallons original material. Normally, I would try them...
  20. bwherry

    Custom offset dot inlays installed on Ibanez Iron Label 7-string

    Hi guys, One of my guitars is an Ibanez RGIR27BE "Iron Label" 7-string. It's a black one, from 2013, not like the "walnut flat" finish they're doing now. I liked the white binding around the body, fingerboard and headstock, but I sort of always wished it had some inlays. I had several of John...