1. J

    MIXING PRACTICE: Symphonic Guitar Instrumental

    I thought I'd go ahead and release a mixing practice pack for you guys! This one is fun too because it's got lots of orchestral parts that are always fun to throw in to the mix. Tempo is 108 4/4 Tracks include: Bass (DI + original) Clean Guitar (DI + Original) Lead Guitar (DI +...
  2. A

    Ibanez rg9 - open tuning

    Hi, Here is my new video for one of my track called "Science of my mind- part II" It was recorded using my Ibanez Rg9 in open tuning. Hope you like it :):hbang:
  3. Jason Spell

    Top 16 placement in Guitar Idol (green Strandberg copy content)

    Hey all! This was my entry to Guitar Idol 4. I placed in the top 16 at the end of the competition. This tune is my original composition and performance. Thanks for checking it out! :metal:
  4. JejeLaFrite

    Allure of Stellar / Instrumental progressive metal from Glasgow

    Hi there, We are a brand new band from Glasgow, and we just released our debut title to hook up a drummer. You can listen to the song there : We are still looking to define the exact direction of our music and dilute properly our influences, hence if you have any feedback it would be...
  5. Hallic

    [STÖMB] Instrumental groove metal from france

    Hello, on my quest to find some new music i found: [STÖMB] - The Grey Go check it out if your into instrumental groove metal/thall, it has some wacky melodies here and there :D ____Bandcamp: [STÖMB] ^Yes im using spoiler tags ;)
  6. W

    Ethereal bass instrumental song I've been pretty absent on Soundcloud and here, so I thought i'd put this thing up. Felt good doing something minimalistic for a change. It's a song about entitlement and making peace with the world (Very artsy, I know)...
  7. A

    Spacey Beats/Instrumentals

    Here is an album made up of beats I made over the last year. They are spacey/trippy sounding. I worked hard on this and would appreciate any feedback. I know it's not the usual metal/djent/intense stuff that gets posted in this forum but anything goes. Have a great day and if you check it out...
  8. The Mighty Sunfish

    2 piece post-rock instrumental band from Manila

    Hey guys! So I finally got an EP out after 3 years of procrastination :D I just wanted to hear what you guys think. Cheers!
  9. Vince

    My solo instrumental metal album "Embers of Ares" is out!

    I'm really happy with how this album turned out. I spent the better side of the last year recording and mixing this, and I wound up adding a couple tracks at the end of the year that rounded it off nicely. The album is all instrumental, and it's a guitar album focused on MELODY and SONGWRITING...
  10. L

    My New EP - History :)

    Hey guys :wavy: I just released my new EP, and would love for you guys to check it out and let me know what you think :) Thank you!
  11. AugmentedFourth

    Finished my 1st album, free DL on Bandcamp - FFO: Mestís, King Crimson, AAL, Debussy

    Trivalent - A Universe Hey guys, just wanted to uh... shamelessly plug my album. I've kind of been working on this for 3 years or so now... it wasn't until relatively recently that I could muster recordings of appreciable quality. The album is a concept album chronicling the life of a...
  12. jonajon91

    Vocal covers and arrangements of instrumental songs

    Anyone have any favorite instrumental songs that have vocal covers on YouTube or soundcloud? I personally love seeing how people can interpret and add to a song that was not written with vocals in mind. Plini (my...
  13. J

    Hey guys! Jordan from Abolish the Echelon!!

    Had an old account here a while ago but decided to register again and introduce myself officially! How ya guys doing? I'm in a proggy type metal band by the name of "Abolish the Echelon" and if you guys are curious, we have quite a few renditions, originals and covers on youtube...
  14. Martis93

    Lead guitar part excerpt video!

    Hi guys, long time no post. As always, I'm open to criticism and tips, how does the mix sound on this one? The mastering always destroys my songs, but I think I'm slowly improving.
  15. A

    This "changes" everything.

    :shred: (No idea how to make it to appear as a YT player right away, but check it out, it's worth it)
  16. Vince

    So I made a metal version of a Christmas song

    I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Enjoy :)
  17. AxelvonKreon

    Instrumental mix needs your opinions

    Hey! So I'm about done with the instrumental mix on this new post-hardcorish cover song. Got any suggestions before I consider myself done with it? :) I know it's kind of boring right now, without the vocals but they will be in there soon...
  18. J

    8 string tech/melodic song with a not su subtle masters of the universe reference

    Hi guys! I hope you check this out, starts out with some techy metal and changes midway through to something more melodic. If you like my stuff feel free to browse my channel for more songs! Recorded with: - Ibanez RG2228 w/ Lundgren M8 bridge - Dean RC7G - Axe FX 2 - Logic Pro X and...
  19. huhngott

    New song from my personal project, you won't be disapointed, or maybe you will...

    Sooo.. this is happening! This tuesday 11.11.14 i will be releasing a new single with a playthrough video. Be sure to pass by! Living Impressions
  20. Vince

    New Angel Vivaldi video

    I'm loving seeing such a talented musician getting himself into some great videos. This new one is pretty great.