1. P_I_W_O_

    Tomasz Piwecki new album "QUANTUM"

    My new album "QUANTUM" is now available on Bandcamp and Spotify. All guitars and bass from Kemper. I invite everyone to listen, comment. Best regards!!! Bandcamp: Spotify...
  2. slan

    Fallen Shrines - Monolith Guitar Playthrough | FFO: Intervals, Plini, Dream Theater

    Hi all, My new single “Monolith” is out now! For this one, I decided to write something a little more energetic and guitar-driven. I had a blast writing it, and I hope you enjoy it too! Playthrough video: Stream on Spotify: More from Fallen Shrines: ⭢...
  3. owenmakesstuff

    New Frequency Eater record

    I haven't been on here in a while but as a former regular it's fun to come back here and post an album when I release one. People who know and dig Frequency Eater will hopefully like this a lot, maybe some new peeps will like it too. (I can say: don't expect super polished djent, but this...
  4. R

    Demo for a cause!

    Hey there! I hope you can help me out :) I'm releasing demos from my compositions in hopes to pay off my $2,100 debt. How I got into so much debt? I used it to pay for my girlfriend's labor. I'm a first time dad! I'm a senior college student on my last semester in uni when the pandemic started...
  5. Masoo2

    Recommend a Passive Fanned 8 String Bridge Pickup

    Curious to hear what you guys say. Since having ordered the new Squier Offset Tele to fulfill the gap my Jazzmaster left after I sold it off, I'm now wanting to hone in on the 8 string sound I've always wanted. It's a 26.5-28 inch fanned Legator 8 string, swamp ash body, maple neck with two...
  6. budda

    Autopilot Off inspired Punk Tune (instr) After posting to the socials that I always have riff ideas but not whole songs, I threw down a whole song :lol:. Didn't spend a ton of time but I really enjoyed the process and I like it. That's what counts, right? Fender Am Pro...
  7. SlipknotKoRnfan

    New Track - The Beach

    Hey guys. Been an awfully long time since I've finished anything. Here is a track I finished recording sometime last summer, but hadn't bothered to upload. It's not fully mixed and levels aren't perfect yet, but here it is. Let me know what you think! Used Cubase 5, Line 6 Pod HD500, Ibanez...
  8. isispelican

    My crazy new music video!

    This whole project was such a trippy experience and it all started from just a simple silly idea. It's funny how fast and naturally things evolve sometimes. Can't find much to say about it really, it's all there I think!
  9. RobertVII

    Looking mixing critiques before I send off for mastering! (instrumental prog)

    I recently recorded a 3 song EP and one of the songs is to be used as a reference for all 3 songs to have a consistent mix across the board. I was hoping I could get some advice on my current mix. As of right now, I think the kick needs to be adjusted and some volume levels need to be made to...
  10. alessandroarzilli

    Grind - The 3rd song from my instrumental album 'Musa'

    Hello everybody! I would like to let you all hear Grind, the third song from my latest instrumental solo album 'Musa'. This project has been totally self-produced, so if you like what you’re hearing please consider supporting, otherwise please consider giving some constructive criticism so i...
  11. kentays

    My debut full-length! Mixing jazz, metal, dense instrumentation!

    Hey! Hope you're having a great day. I just released my debut record 2 days ago! Soundwise, it's a blend of my university education (jazz/modern jazz) and a healthy dose of my love for all things progressive metal (I guess I just never got over my highschool djent phase :) I covered all...
  12. Tatu Aleksi

    Tatu Aleksi - Polar Opposites EP (2019) - some instrumental prog metal tunes, take a listen :)

    So I just put out an EP in March, and I realized I haven't really promoted it here ever since! So, here's a playing video I just released today, in my EP playlist. It's instrumental prog metal/djent, and you can certainly hear the influence from my favorite bands such as Periphery, Tesseract and...
  13. Cesarguitar

    CG Project - She's The Danger (First single of my first album!)

    Hi everyone, i want to share with you guys the first video of my upcoming first album "Running in Circles" The album is an instrumental record and has a lot of rock fusion, jazz fusion, blues rock, traditional jazz and prog rock. Sadly i didn't use a seven string in the album lol. I hope you...
  14. Christopher Har V

    Seeking Constructive Criticism on my Mix: SELF-PRODUCED INSTRUMENTAL PROG METAL EP

    My bedroom studio is modest, and I know my limits. However, I am working with some noteworthy gear, such as Superior Drummer 2.0 w/Prog Foundry, a Royer 121 microphone, a pair of UA TwinFinity preamps, Mesa Boogie amplification, very good GK acoustic treatment & isolation for tracking, some...
  15. D

    How to achieve next level?

    Hi folks! I play in an instrumental metal band (post, djent, prog, death...) and we've recorded our second EP (just two songs haha). We're starting to get some tour dates and I've thought that it's time to get to the next level in terms of sound and gear. Actually, my gear is: - Epiphone LP...
  16. ChugThisBoy

    Give me some opinions and advices on my solo project's EP, please.

    Hello there :cheers: A little more than 2 years ago I've uploaded my "main" album (well, EP technically) and many things changed during those two years. I've become better guitar player, learned a thing or two about mixing, changed my 'studio' gear for the better (I bought the Helix - finally)...
  17. Greg Barnett

    New Instrumental Demo

    Let me know what you think :cheers:
  18. RobertVII

    Composure Playthrough - Original J-Rock inspired song I wrote.

    Would love to know what everyone thinks about an original I wrote!
  19. 92guitarguy

    New Doom Soundtrack inspired track (feat. Johnny from Fortiori)

    Hey guys! it's been a while since I posted something here. This forum always been an inspiration and helped me to move on with my music. This time I want to present the first song off my upcoming EP. This track was heavily inspired by the Doom Soundtrack (especially BFG Division) although I...
  20. dmchannelitaly

    Instrumental Orchestral Metal

    Hi guys, this is my project I've worked on for a long time. I've incorporated my classical background (violin player) with my other passion, which is metal of course! I know that in this day and age, to name a genre is kind of weird, but for the sake of simplicity, it's Instrumental Orchestral...