instrumental music

  1. bayramjazz

    Modern sound in jazz.

    Hello everyone, I composed this tune in the style of smooth jazz, but in the process of mixing the track, I decided to add some modern trends, such as chill jazz. I am interested in your opinion. Thank you!
  2. bayramjazz

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, I'm a guitarist, currently working on my own music. I prefer instrumental jazz. I am interested in your opinion about my music, thank you!
  3. ChugThisBoy

    Dark Raven Project - "COMPLETION" New Album 2022

    Hello there! If the section is wrong, please feel free to move the thread or delete it :yesway: The only reason I'm sharing this is because of the amount of hours I spent on this forum already and how much I love it here 💗 This is my latest album called "Completion" and I've been working on...
  4. odibrom

    PSIORB - Instrumental Heavy Progressive Rock whatever Power Trio

    Hello I am hereby presenting you my band's work. We are called PSIORB, and though you can find our references in most social media, those are still empty (just reserving the band's spot). I don't know how (nor want) to categorize our sound, but I think we navigate towards some instrumental...
  5. S

    My Debut Prog Metal EP is Coming to Kickstarter - Sonder by Sopko

    Hey Everyone! In a few days I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund my Debut EP, Sonder! Check out my facebook page for updates and please help me spread the word! I will also be posting updates to this thread! Sopko Official Page As a added bonus I have a 2 guest solo spots...
  6. Dylemus

    New Instrumental Prog :^)

    Hey guys, my debut album for my project Animus just released. Check it out! If you guys like it, please feel free to share this around!
  7. M

    New instrumental w Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd)

    Hi guys Thought I'd share the video for my new instrumental guitar track Wave Trigger on here :shred: It features Guy Pratt on bass (from Pink Floyd, Gary Moore, etc) and Dave De Rose (Mark Ronson) on drums. Hope you enjoy it! If you like it, please share :hbang: THANKS :bowdown: