impulse response

  1. S

    The Otto Cabs Vol.1 IRs are Brutal! Super good for low tunings and Hi gain

    Have you guys checked out the Otto Audio Otto cabs IRs? If you looking for some IRs that work really well with low tunings and Hi Gain, then definitely check these out. I've been using them for a couple of weeks. And they definitely my new goto IRs with my Amp Sims. I got a new video out using...
  2. alessandroarzilli

    Dr Bonkers Soundlab - In this together - Free IR collection

    Hey people! Just published my review and tone test of the FREE "In this together" IR Pack by Dr. Bonkers Soundlab! A lot of very good free impulses both for guitars and bass! Ever tried them? You won't be disappointed!
  3. alessandroarzilli

    Resington Barefoot IR Pack - HEAVY TONES FOR FREE !!!

    Hey everyone! Just published my review and tone test of the FREE Barefoot IR Pack by Resington! Very well balanced, loved it for that tight metal chug tones!
  4. alessandroarzilli

    Seacow Cabs Audio Assault BOX30 IR Pack - Vintage tones meet modern metal!

    Hey folks! Just published my review and tone test for the Seacow Cabs & Audio Assault BOX30 impulse response pack! Ever tried it? Vintage tones meet modern metal!
  5. alessandroarzilli

    Dr. Bonkers Soundlab - Impulse Response Comparison - These IR packs are insanely great!

    Hey everyone! I just made a comparison video between some of the best IR files by Dr. Bonkers Soundlab! These things sounds *really* massive!
  6. alessandroarzilli

    End All Cabs IR Pack - These free impulses absolutely ROCK THA HOUSE!

    Hello everyone! I had the chance to test and review some of the best FREE impulse responses made by End All Cabs! These IR files really sound massive! Ever tried them?
  7. alessandroarzilli

    Seacow Cabs Audio Assault Modern Monsters IR Pack - Make your guitar tone ROAR!

    Hey everyone! This is my in-depth review and tone test of the Modern Monsters IR Pack by Seacow Cabs and Audio Assault! Some of the most aggressive impulse responses I've ever tried, both for guitars and bass! :-0 I'm genuinely impressed! Go check this pack out, you won't regret it!
  8. A

    How do I get punch/dynamics/movement for metal guitars?

    I managed to get several good guitars tones that sound well enough and stay nice after mastering, but what I don`t like is that my guitars sound static, unlike commercial mixes mine don`t have that pumping effect, no resonanses and such. I don`t do too much Eq or Multiband compression. I`m using...
  9. neurosis

    Amp head with DI &/or IR features or use my combo and a load?

    Hi guys, I am looking for a solution to the following. I have been using my Ax8 to record for a while now and am happy with the results. Recently I started plugging my pedals into it as well which foot me wondering if there's be a better solution to record with those and have a more organic...
  10. Soundwoofer

    We made a Impulse response library.

    Hello guys, Soundwoofer here. We belive in sharing is caring, so we made an Impulse response library where we can collect them all. So far, we have three sections of the library; Standalone impulses Impulses uploaded with a description Impulse responses attached to a rig Where you can...
  11. Humanoid

    How to copy (almost) every guitar sound for free with Logic Pro X

    Those who want to experiment copying new guitar sounds or cabinets from a certain song or album, here's a trick you can try: Explains how to use Logic Pro X's Match EQ as a guitar cabinet. The result is not always 100% correct, but this method can provide some good sounds to tweak further...
  12. atoragon

    Free Trident Impulse response pack (Marshall 4x12 and Orange 2x12)

    Hello guys! I've made an impulse pack with a Marshall JVM into a Marshall 1960 4x12 and an Orange 2x12 cab, 24 bits, 48khz, 2 microphones (Shure SM57 and Sennheiser e609) and various positions. You can download it for free here...
  13. alessandroarzilli

    My top 10 free IR packs for metal

    Hey everybody! I wanted to share with you all my top 10 favorite free IR packs, especially for heavy metal. Most of them were first seen on very old forums and communities (I remember some people talking about them during the 2005-2010 era). I've been using the Catharsis and the GuitarHack ones...
  14. alessandroarzilli

    Kuassa Amplifikation one - My metal review

    I would like to share with you all my latest video review of the great Kuassa Amplifikation One amp simulator. Please feel free to share it where you want!
  15. hand amputation

    Having an issue with Reaper and Amp Simps / IRs

    Hey there! I am working on getting my computer set up for recording. I have previously purchased EZ Drummer and the Metal! pack, and I'm really enjoying the sounds I can create with it. I am using Reaper with Emissary, TSE X50, and Pulse IR loader. They work great, but I have a strange issue...
  16. atoragon

    Free Guitar Amp Sims comparison 3/3: Nick Crow

    Hi guys, here is the third and last article I've done about free guitar amp sims. In this one we compare 3 free Nick Crow Labs plugins and our final thoughts. Enjoy!
  17. steelyad

    Zilla Cab IRs for Two Notes Wall of Sound / Torpedo

    Hi All I usually post videos about gear, and this one's no exception, but with a bit of something extra. I've made a tutorial for Two Notes' Wall of Sound 4 which just came out, and here it is. I'm using a recto cab in the tutorial, but what if you could get Zilla cabs in there? Well nowwwwww...
  18. steelyad

    Celestion Plus Impulse Responses

    Hey all As some of you may know, Celestion have released their own IRs for their speakers, (in hand-made purpose built cabinets that they won't say the brand names of.) Their focus seems to be on their own speakers - which makes sense, they don't make cabs.... I've got hold of the...