1. AkiraSpectrum

    NBD: Ibanez Premium SR1345B

    Story: Bought a new Ibanez SR605e and it was a lemon with tons of QC issues, which is surprising because all the 500 and 600 series SR's are usually fantastic in my experience. I found out that pretty much every music store in Canada is sold out of these and we wouldn't be seeing any until...
  2. Mwoit

    FS Ibanez PGM301 2004, Ibanez S540 1992 and Sire V2 Marcus Miller P7 5 String Fretless

    Ibanez PGM301 2004 Paul Gilbert Electric Guitar Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 6 string RG shredding machine with with DiMarzio PAF Pro humbuckers, and a DiMarzio JEM single coil in the middle. Has a few nicks on the body. The guitar plays smooth like butter, and is snappy and...
  3. Decon87

    FS Multiple guitars for sale -- EBMM, Jackson 7 string, Ibanez Prestige (and an Iron Label 8)

    Please keep in mind ALL prices are negotiable though some I am more willing to negotiate on more than others. These are feelers and I have no intention of selling all of these guiitars, just a few to recover funds from a Vik I just purchased. Please don't take it as an insult if you feel some...
  4. AngstRiddenDreams

    NGD: 1985 Ibanez Roadstar II RG430

    Bought this about two months ago for $300 at a guitar store in Seattle. It was in excellent condition for its age (some minor dings), and has an oiled neck to die for. It was missing the Top Lok nut, which I replaced with the Gotoh branded nut. Plenty of life left in the frets and the fretwork...
  5. AkiraSpectrum

    NBD: Ibanez SR605e (BKT)

    Had an old Ibanez SR405 from 2002 that I bought used. It was in pretty good shape and played really well with good build quality but the pickups were very bland (stock Ibanez DX pickups). I recently played some new 2020 SR505's and was extremely impressed by them. I saw Ibanez recently released...
  6. kamello

    NG(uitar finish)D! Lambo Blue Ibanez RGD

    hey guys! propably some of you remember the custom finish pink cherry Ibanez 3120 I posted here a few months ago. (link here) I asked my friend who worked on that 3120 to also give some love to my beaten up RGD2127, never was a fan of black or matte guitars so I wanted to go with the complete...
  7. hebing_rain

    Ibanez floral jem for $500???

    https://www.olx.ba/artikal/47309765/ibanez-steve-vai-floral-jem/ Just found this ibanez floral jem for sale for around $500. Can anyone help verify the authenticity at least somewhat? I've checked the serial number and it's real. I'm genuinely interested to see if it's real, since I've never...
  8. hebing_rain

    Ibanez EDR470 tremolo block

    Recently I've acquired a used Ibanez EDR470 6 string for a great price. All around awesome guitar, literally made for carcass riffs. But the only thing that is bothering me is the shitty import Lo-Trs-II tremolo. Which I don't even have the tremolo arm for. I've heard that the gotoh floyd is the...
  9. mindgrief

    Ibby S470DX ZR to vintage trem

    Hello there, I have a brutal quest. I own an Ibanez S470DX guitar with his devoted and certainly famous ZR + ZPS trem system : ibanez fandom link for more desc But I'm not a floyd guy, which I prefer fix, bigsby or more recently, vintage straty-ish tremolos. And then I saw this video This...
  10. NickB11

    NGD: Ibanez Jem 77FP

    Well it finally happened! I’ve been on the hunt for one of these for years but could never find one for a decent price that wasn’t completely destroyed lol. I remember looking at these as a teenager and wanted one so badly… This one popped up and after some back and forth I was luckily able to...
  11. ChaNce

    1999 Modified Ibanez Universe UV777BK

    UPDATED FOR 2022: Market has changed, price reflects that. I've had this forever (I think I bought it from an SS.org member many years ago, but honestly can't remember), and the pick guard mod was done by him. I made a few other mods: 1. I replaced the pickups with a set of Petrucci Crunchlab...
  12. Taikatatti

    FT Ibanez RG752MQFSX Prestige (Axe Palace Limited run) EU ONLY!

    beautiful guitar, but cannot get along with this neck shape at all. In mint condition, my total playtime with it is around 2-3 hours. To my knowledge there were only 12 of these made for Axe palace and i’ve only seen 2 of these in Europe. Currently has Seymour Duncan Alpha & Omega set and i'll...
  13. tranqx

    FS RAN Crusher FT 7, Ibanez RGA 121NTF

    Two guitars I'm looking to sell! Have five other guitars at the moment so not looking to add any more unfortunately! Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ran Crusher FT (flat top) 7 String, received March 2015 Modifications (if any): Full specs available, message me Accessories...
  14. rippedflesh89

    RG1527 Necks

    I currently have a RG7620 (3-piece bubinga stripe version) and I'm considering trading it for something with a wider neck. This guitar has been great to me the last 10 years but recently I've been playing music that requires me to dig in more and I've been finding myself pulling the low B and...
  15. Neon_Knight_

    NGD - RGA321F

    2008 Ibanez RGA321F in Sapphire Blue. I blame/thank @Emperoff for this purchase, after he tempted me with this post. The flamed maple top is only subtly figured compared to some. Lots of stripes spanning the full body, but they're quite feint (especially compared to my RG8520) and only...
  16. kamello

    NGD: you guys like MIJ guitars and cherry blossoms?

    pics first Soooo, a few months ago I got a JP6, the guitar was spectacular but just not for me, I've grown way too used to Ibanez necks and that's where I feel the most comfortable, so I sold the JP6 and literally minutes after that a friend called me, telling me that he needed to...
  17. SlipknotKoRnfan

    WTB Ibanez RG7620 BODY & other parts

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Ibanez RG7620 body. Also interested in other parts such as the nut Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): N/A Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Mississauga, Ontario, Canada International OK?: Yes Contact Info (No Phone #s): pm me here References (eBay or other...
  18. CA46371E-5930-4983-ADD6-9C7FB20BFAD4


    Ibanez K5 Florescent Green Matte limited edition
  19. 3325165A-5E2C-4A23-97CF-25414D076410


    Ibanez UV777GR