1. hebing_rain

    Ibanez EDR470 tremolo block

    Recently I've acquired a used Ibanez EDR470 6 string for a great price. All around awesome guitar, literally made for carcass riffs. But the only thing that is bothering me is the shitty import Lo-Trs-II tremolo. Which I don't even have the tremolo arm for. I've heard that the gotoh floyd is the...
  2. hebing_rain

    Problem connecting modeler to amp

    Recently I bought a 1994 Digitech GSP 2101 preamp/effects processor. I intend to use it with a tube amp and use the processor just for the delay/reverb/harmonizer WHILE using the preamp/distortion of the amp head. I connected them using the 4cable method and encountered a problem. Along with the...
  3. B

    Fishman FLuence KM Signature Wiring Diagrams

    Anyone help with a wiring diagram for installing a new set of keith merrow Fluence 7 string humbuckers? Installing them with the included wiring harnesses, a 3 way toggle and two volume, 2 tone. Push/pull as well. Cant find a single diagram with this configuration. Which is strange because...
  4. Mprinsje

    Line 6 helix question

    Hiya, Thinking about buying a Line 6 helix (the floor version) because I'm tired of tap dancing when playing live. Also I've just recorded a new record with my band and we made some sounds in the studio that would be very hard for me to recreate with the pedals and setup I currently have. Now...
  5. Sgt.Mooseknuckles

    HELP - Installing Fishman Fluence Modern on a 1 volume and no tone knob guitar

    Hello! So I have a guitar with a single volume knob and no tone knob and I would like to install my Fishman Moderns on it but I'm pretty lost and intimidated by it... How would i route them to be able to use the push pull feature? The guitar has a 3 way switch and a kill switch. Is there a...
  6. Sgt.Mooseknuckles

    Evertune Bridge String Spacing is too wide

    Hello! So I am a total newbie to Evertune bridges. I recently acquired an LTD EC-1007 ET. It's a wonderful guitar but it throws me off when playing it because the spacing is off between the A and D strings. How can I adjust the bridge where it aligns correctly? The nut itself is fine. Just the...
  7. sadomano

    Legator Guitars

    Recently I have been looking for a guitar around 700 euro and i came across Legator N6P black model but when I did some research on it i couldn't see any reviews and about other models, reviews are very mixed up. So any of you by chance has some knowledge or experience about these guitars and if...
  8. causeunknown

    Bottom B feels too loose when dropped to A on my 34”. Is this common?

    I’m using a Yamaha TRBX505 34” scale bass. I’m trying to drop the low B to A, but I feel like it’s too loose and doesn’t sound good or pick up well on my interface. I must admit I’m a guitar player first and foremost and I do all my own bass parts, so I’m not super knowledgeable about Basses. I...
  9. Fuzzy Pinetree

    BKP Juggernaut VS Painkiller??

    I'm ordering a custom guitar, and they have the full range of BKP available to choose from. I can't decide between the Juggernauts or Painkillers, and I have no real way of trying them out beforehand. I hate swapping pickups cause its a hassle and I either regret switching and have to switch...
  10. TriumphOfDeath

    Your opinion about some guitars.

    ... hi @All, if you must choose one of the following cheaper 7 or 8 string guitars to play Death Metal, which one would you buy & why many thanxxx in advance Schecter Demon 7 Schecter Omen 7 extreme Schecter Omen 7 ESP LTD EC-257 ESP LTD EC-258 PS.: i prefer the B-standard-tuning & i...
  11. S

    Need help with fret buzz

    I’ve got a Ibanez rg8 and the fret buzz from the sixth string upwards is insane. I’ve tried turning the trust rod both ways such that there is a slight bow forward and back (separate occasions) I have also spent quite a long time messing with the fine tuners and still it’s so bad. I’m pretty...
  12. Jack McGoldrick

    Got some Ash from a tree that blew over, how do I turn it into a guitar?

    So an ash tree blew over in the wind last night and I got some pieces of it and decided to make a guitar out of it. I’ve never made a guitar, have limited access to tools And a budget of maybe £500. How should I go about doing this?
  13. George Dubois

    Need help on a solo recording!

    Hi guys! I broke my knee, ankle and three fingers, soooo...I can't finish a song :/ Does somebody can help me with a solo over the mp3 that I have? Please??? :)
  14. USMarine75

    WTB Help Buying a Guitar from Australia

    Is there anyone in Australia that can contact a seller and tell him to post his guitar on Reverb or eBay? I'm interested, but he only apparently has it listed in an Australian Facebook Marketplace which I can't access/view. Please and thank you!
  15. T

    Need help with Ibanez 160b tremolo replacement.

    I've recently started a project to modify a cheap guitar and found one of these old Ibanez 160b's on the facebook marketplace, but i guess I should have done a little more research into this guitar since i cant find any spec list on the guitar. I tried calling Ibanez and they unfortunately don't...
  16. H

    Did ESP ever make a E-II HRF 7 string?

    I have just purchased a used ESP E-II online from someone interstate(I'm from Australia), it is supposedly a E-II Standard HRF but with 7 strings(other than the usual 8 string). I have been trying to track down this guitar online for ages now and I can't find any on it at all, just keep showing...
  17. Chamberlain G.


    I came across a BC Rich I havent played in years. Probably bought it 10 years ago or so in a music store in Clarksdale, MS. I'm having the hardest time finding where it was made and verifying the serial number. The serial number, 25720, is on a gold plate on the back. It's pretty customized, but...
  18. nanthil

    What do you do when...(new guitar question)

    I just bought a brand new very high end guitar, and I'm noticing on the high E string around and above the 12 fret that there are several frets which don't sustain much, and the sound they produce is mostly overtones and harmonics rather than the sounding note. What do I do? Is this a setup...
  19. coleeco

    Bigsby help

    "Hello Twitter world" -OJ Simpson Hi. I have a Gibson Les Paul with a bigbsy b7 and its super difficult to restring it with heavier gauge strings i like. I usually use 10-52s and id like to bump up to 12-58s. I tried to restring for about an hour and it was ONE OF THE MOST DIFFICULT THINGS I"VE...
  20. C

    Bias fx and iRig hd 2 help!

    Hello! So Im going directly to my problem I use bias fx in my desktop computer using just an 1/4 to 1/8 adapter for the line in, and it kinda worked well Some days ago I got the Irig hd 2 to connect my guitar to my laptop, but I didnt like amplitube 4 so I wanted to keep using bias fx Now...