hd pro

  1. VBCheeseGrater

    NAD - ADA MP1 - using with POD HD Pro

    Scored this from a fellow SS.org member. Been considering getting a preamp to go with my Pod for awhile to add to the available amps, and the price was right so i pulled the trigger. Since this is an 80's model, i wasn't sure what to expect integrating it with the pod. Turned out great...
  2. SirJellyJam

    Line 6 MKII Vs. Line 6 pod HD pro

    Ok so If there is already a thread for this please redirect me and i will delete this one. WITH that being said I recently have become very interested selling my Line 6 MKII head to buy a Rackmount Line 6 HD pro. My only concern is how the stack up against each other. Any Help?
  3. Variant

    Line 6 POD HD Thread

    Figured I'd start a new thread instead of tacking this onto the "Line 6's answer to the Axe-Fx?" thread. Line 6 | POD HD My opinion? Samples sound good, if only single-tracked, without backing tracks, and many of them with goofy processing. The JCM800, in particular, sounds really really...