guitar messenger

  1. Marc In Exile

    Painted In Exile's COMEBACK SHOW 2016 (1st show in 5 years!)

    Sooo.... I have to let you know (especially you New Yorkers) that we're officially back in action WITH OUR ORIGINAL VOCALIST - and Thursday, January 14th will be our first time back on stage in almost exactly 5 years.... (less than a month away!). It'll be at Revolution on Long Island with our...
  2. Nick6505djent

    Wes Hauch - E minor lick from his Guitar Messenger

    Pretty sweet lick, I don't have it 100% though.
  3. kengtin

    Guitar Messenger Solo Competition (Carvin DC700 + Axe Fx II)

    Hi folks, Here's my entry for this contest. Simply click on the link and enjoy 50 secs of :shred:. Hope you dig it. Guitar Messenger Solo Competiton - Sergio Chong Thanks, cheers and :hbang: