1. ConfusingParadise

    Confusing Paradise - Skylla FFO Monuments, Shokran, Northlane

    Hey guys! We wanted to reach out to you because you might like our new song "Skylla". The song is currently featured on a few Spotify paylists aswell. Feel free to give some feedback. We are both playing Ibanez sevenstrings.
  2. Rational Gaze

    NEW JAM - Come e're for some yuge, atmospheric Deftones-type spank, with melody and groove for days!

    Sup y'all! So I just wanted to share with you my band's latest. We've been putting this together for a damn long time. This song belongs to Part II of our 2 album series (our quasi-psychedelic Tearing Back the Veil), the first of which we put out 2 years ago. We wrote all 22 songs for both...
  3. zerofocus

    Project 9: FFO Mick Gordon (DOOM Soundtrack) and 9 string grooves

    Hi I recently got asked to contribute some sound design for a friends new project which is heavily influenced by the Recent DOOM Game be awesome if you could check it out and give your opinions to the track as a whole this is still a demo so there is a lack of a bass layer...
  4. G27DUDE

    Tampa Bay Area FL Progressive Metal Guitarist and Vocalist Seek Members

    What's up guys, Here's the skinny. My name is Tony and I've been working with my buddy Frank for upwards of 6 years, constantly recording new material and searching for serious band members. We have accumulated well over an albums worth of material but have yet to find the right fits for the...
  5. Sacha

    I went and done made a Deathcore

    With some friends. I used this guitar: With this amp: And these drums: And some other stuff. Have a listen: Or a look: :hbang:
  6. Kush

    Christian Culak - The Divine Paradox (Progressive Metal with Choir and Strings)

    Greetings! My 4th release titled "The Divine Paradox" is available now and I wanted to share with you all here at SevenString. Here's the link to my bandcamp to stream/embed/download: Here are some following links to the YouTube...
  7. Hallic

    Uneven structure Megathread - Progressive modern groove methall

    With a recording teaser being posted of the upcomming La partion album, im suprised to find there is no megathread for these guys. Some general stuff: 8 Februus 8, redone La partion SC...
  8. Hallic

    Valis Ablaze - Avant garde groove metal (for fans of Sikth, Fell silent)

    So i was checken out with whoem uneven structure was playing in the UK in september, and then i saw the following video First i was like: uuuhh wtf is dis?:scratch: But then i was lyk :lol::metal: Awesomeness : D ^Full Ep stream
  9. O

    A wild Groove Metal appeared! 3rd song, The [REDACTED] EP. Enjoy.

    Yeah, pretty much sums it up, right up there^ This is the title track from our EP. Let me know what you think. I, personally, love it. Thank ya!
  10. O

    Vimanas Descending, the first track off of my band's EP.

    This is our work in progress demo, The [REDACTED] EP. Track one is called Vimanas Descending. It is psychedelic/progressive groove metal. Leave me some feedback! It is me and my friend Chris Maynard, and we are trying to branch out. Please give it a listen if you have the time...
  11. Hallic

    [STÖMB] Instrumental groove metal from france

    Hello, on my quest to find some new music i found: [STÖMB] - The Grey Go check it out if your into instrumental groove metal/thall, it has some wacky melodies here and there :D ____Bandcamp: [STÖMB] ^Yes im using spoiler tags ;)
  12. Chi

    Delete dis

    Nevermind, delete me plz.
  13. tresarp

    Feedback on my solo progressive metal project

    Hi guys, I've recently been working on my own solo progressive metal project. As I don't have much visibility yet, I would really appreciate it if you would so kindly check out some of my stuff and give me some feedback. Thanks! :hbang:
  14. M

    Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Backing Track (Bb)

    Hi guys, Just wanted to share this chilled groove version of the classic Mercy, Mercy, Mercy... The backing track basically goes through the form once and then stays on the first 8 bars as an open solo section.. II: Bb7 I Eb :II These scales will work when soloing...
  15. hypotc

    A short little groove I wrote, with da slap bass!

    Hi folks. Started playing around with a slap bass in Trilian, and this happened. What do you think? Would love to get some inputs. :) edit: Updated with a new version.
  16. Tjore

    I made and mixed a metal song

    Tell me what you think! Personally, I'm prutty damn happy about it as a whole. :shred:
  17. M

    BERLIN - Drummer wanted! Serious djent/groove/progressive project!

    HELLo! We're looking for a good drummer which can handle this kind of music: Guitarrist, singer and bass player are on board already. We have 5 fresh tracks, 3 of them you can find in link above:) Best regards! Simon
  18. J

    Vocalist looking for Guitarists in Toronto-Canada (Online or in-person)

    I've recently started a new project - something along the lines of a "heavier" Dance Gavin Dance and am having the hardest time finding a guitarist who would like to write in that sort of experimental groove. I'm interested in either having someone in Toronto, or working with me on an online...
  19. Chi

    First official single - Calamity Lane (Nu Metal)

    Yo! I've already posted a snippet of this song here a few days ago, at that time it was just a little playaround with the working title "Gruv", which was going to turn into a single at some point. Now I've finished this project and I'm proud enough to call it my first release-worthy piece of...
  20. Chi

    Little snippet of my first single - Gruv

    Yo! Thought I'd post that hear. It's pretty much a standalone track and the first piece of music I myself made that's not based as a mixtest, or a play-around, and the first I'm actually able to put time into. Have a listen: I'll...

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