1. neurosis

    Elixir Strings sold out? (The Elixir strings availability thread)

    Hi guys, I am trying to get a few single 0.68 Elixir strings and they are sold out on all pages I have looked at. JusstStrings, StringsAndBeyond and StringsByMail. Any idea where else I could look? Also since I am at it, I play 9-42 sets with an additional 56 in B Standard 25.5 scale. My...
  2. ItWillDo

    StringKing - String Gauge Calculator

    Google Play Hey all, A while back I released an alpha version of an Android app to calculate string tension based on your criteria (string type, scale, note, etc..). My ambition is to make it as intuitive as possible, and in time abstract the "science" behind it away as much as possible and...
  3. X

    Best string gauges for a 9/30 guitar

    Sooo been using 009s for my 30 inch beast - they can hold the tuning pretty well, but it's really, really tough to bend one while tuned to high E. I'm kinda afraid to bend harder too, for fear of breaking the string outright. Would it be a good idea to try a 008, or even a 007? Some people tune...
  4. 8stringalchemy

    8-String string gauge

    Hi all, I typically tune to EBEADGBE, and I've been experimenting with a .90 on the low E. I love the snappier tension, but I'm getting a lot of rattle at the bridge and nut and it sounds noticeably less bright than the rest of the strings. Are these problems normal for a string this size, or...
  5. guitaardvark

    Replacement bridge/saddles for PRS SVN?

    Hey everyone, So I've had my SVN for about two months and absolutely adore it. However, the largest string that the bridge will accept is around a .64, whereas I prefer a .68 or above. Are there any drop in saddles or replacement bridges that will accept a larger string? Thanks!
  6. X

    Is 28,625 acceptable for a 9-string guitar?

    I've ben eyeing Legator Pendulum 92528 after realizing the undoubted benefits of the multi-scale design. Previously I wanted the Septor 930, but I realized a 30" scale might not be the most desirable for the highest strings, making them very stiff and not susceptible to bends. Compared to...
  7. MightyFrost

    Custom string gauges

    I joined the seven string family last year with a Schecter PT7, and currently waiting on my strandberg Boden Original to arrive. Now that I'm feeling more comfortable playing around with the setup on guitars, I've come across a fairly annoying issue - fret buzz on the low B and E. The truss...
  8. hodorcore

    Guthrie Charvel gauge change

    Hello there! I recently started using a EADGCF tuning on my PRS hollowbody 2 and I am loving it. I have restrung it with Roto Green 8's and it feels amazing. Due to the hard tail bridge it was super easy. Now, I am trying to get some answers on how to do it on my new Charvel Guthrie model. It...
  9. N

    Tech can't figure out how to set up Ibanez Zero Point system

    TL;DR Don't buy any guitar with the zero point system in it if you want to use any string gauge lower or higher than the stock 10-58. Several months ago I bought an Ibanez RG927QM that came with the Edge Zero II bridge featuring the Zero Point System (ZPS3Fe). Basically what the system is...
  10. SlamLiguez

    String gauges: Heavy and fast!

    Recently, after a few solid months on contemplation, I've decided to tune from the absurdly low Drop G# using .74, .32, .30, .28, .17 etc, that range(inb4 get a bass noob) to something that requires a set of strings thats a bit slimmer, due to the "technicality" or such of the music. So, my...
  11. A

    What string gauge should I get?

    Hi, I just bought a 5-string Brice Defiant. I want to know what string gauge I should get because I am setting it up to tune to drop A flat. I think that .130 is too light and .174 is too heavy (I have a .185 that I tune down to F# on my other bass). Any suggestions? And for the other...
  12. benjaminbuisine

    Gauge for EADGCEA tuning on 25"5 7s !!!

    Hello bros n' sists, It's been a while since I came back to that lovely website. Which gauge could fit with my 25"5 lovely 7s, to tune her EADGCEA? I'm pretty sure the daddario 140- 8s could do the job (down to .74), but I prefer ask for advice to be sure. That's my question, not...
  13. G

    String gauge suggestion for my 7 (Drop G#/Ab)

    Hey guys, I have recently bought an ESP LTD H-1007 and I want to tune it in Drop G#. It has 25,5'' scale and I want to play mostly progressive stuff like Periphery. I would be glad if you could suggest some string gauges, since google results' were so chaotic. Thanks in advance!
  14. benjaminbuisine

    "BASS VI" tuning for standard 6s

    Hello guys, it's been a while ! I've got a little "conversion" problem ... I've got a lovely 6s with a 22 frets standard 628mm/24.75" scale length. All I want is to put a "BASS VI" EADGBe tuning on it. BASS VI are 30" long, with the following gauge : .024, .034, .044, .056, .072...
  15. TheGuitarslayer

    String Gauge 25,5 scale

    I saw a similar thread about this but did not want to cut his thread. I´m going to change the gauge on my Ibanez RG2627 with 25,5 scale. I was thinking about elixir 10 - 54 + 68 for drop A#, perhaps lower. I have not decided yet. Any tips and suggestions? BTW: Great forum! Just...
  16. neurosis

    Not finding gauges I like

    Hello all. When I got my RG2228 I started this thread ( to determine gauges for my new and first ERG. Now that I have had some time with it, despite being in love with the feel and construction of...
  17. A

    Need help finding the lightest gauge strings

    I might just be looking for the impossible here guys. I wish to use 0.007 to 0.046 and for my seventh (low B in standard) possibly at 0.053. I currently have an Xiphos XPT 707FX and Ibanez RG Series 7 string w/ Floyd Rose. The RG is set at 10s. This I use for my heavier rhythm sound...
  18. M

    8-string Gauge for Standard E with a dropped E1

    Good afternoon fellow music enthusiasts! I just purchased my first 8-string guitar, an Ibanzez RG2228. I have been an avid 6-string player for years and honestly didn't get turned onto the ERG until I found Tosin Abasi. So naturally I want to start off playing as close to his style as I can. I...
  19. A

    Best string gauge for Drop B tuning on 25.5" scale?

    What is the best string gauge for Drop B tuning on a 25.5" scale guitar? 6 strings.
  20. B

    7 String Set Alternative (Set Gauges)

    Hi :wavey:.! I have a Big problem Right Now.! Its almost IMPOSSIBLE Find 7 Strings Guitar Sets on My Country (Venezuela) Maybe One or Two and ULTRA EXPENSIVE (Like 100$ or 150$ The Set And D'Addario) The 6 Strings Sets Are more Affordable So.. i Heard Something like Use 6 Strings Sets and One...