1. progmetaldan

    Help a brother out?

    Shameless irrelevant plug here, but my little bro has found himself as a finalist in the Pringles flavour fusion comp, so he's in with a chance to win $10,000 and free Pringles for a year! Needless to say there's incentive for me to help him spread the word... If you can be bothered, you...
  2. D

    Ibanez RGA8 for Jazz?!? Am I crazy? (string/pup question also)

    I am predominantly a jazz guitarist that enjoys the occasional shred/djent/riff. I play a lot of walking bass lines on my jazz box and decided that i would love to have an 8 just for the extra depth, plus it'd be sweet for fusion, little brighter tone. Wanted to post a few vids here when work...
  3. M

    The Algorithm - Isometry Drum Cover

    Hey guys, I know this is a guitarists website and all.. kinda wanted to share some electro/metal/djent loving for you guys though! Safe!
  4. DaethedralXiphos7FX

    The 9 String Guitar Thread

    Okay, lets get this started. Obviously these 9 string guitars have been popping up here and there. Not really sure why or how the did, but I'm sure Agile guitars helped it along. Regardless of how they came to be, I'm very interested in getting one myself, just for that extra range and...
  5. DaethedralXiphos7FX

    Fredrik Thordendal/Meshuggah Solo sound?

    Hey, was wondering if anyone can help pick out some sound and guitar effects for me? I'm basically trying to figure out what effects I can use to obtain the solo tone Fredrik Thordendal is getting with his guitar. I know it gets pretty jazzy, so if anyone could help me out it would be awesome...
  6. GinoBambino54

    Brand Spankin' New Novallo Song! Fusion-Step-Core?

    here it is: 4 Eyes Win! Alot of time has been put into this production and the others on the Up coming E.P. Other than the pads that are obviously synth based. all of the electronic sounds are created and performed on guitar. Novallo - Novallo Music | Facebook And if you enjoy our...
  7. J

    Here's a new song called "Juando"

    Hello to all here! This video is from a show at my Music Institute, in Chile. This is not my band, they are only musicians that played with me only for that show, but the song is mine, a write everything hahha Im the Lead guitarist. José Tomás Gálvez O. - Juando - YouTube Hoping that you like...
  8. progmetaldan

    New Bass Day! Warwick Streamer Jazzman 5

    So this arrived yesterday! Such an awesome bass, a bit hacked up on the back (apparently the owner before the guy I bought it from liked to wear belt-buckles and play his bass ultra low) But plays and sounds amazing! It's my first real 'good' bass... :-D :yesway:
  9. W

    Kiss Roland - Mixing Scales

    Hey there! YouTube - Kiss Roland - Mixing Scales This lesson is available at Live4guitar | Online Guitar Community: Mixing Scales by KissRoland - Live4guitar marketplace - online guitar lessons Thank you!
  10. progmetaldan

    Looking for 6 string advice on bass for fusion.

    I'm currently looking into upgrading my 4 string cheapie bass, possibly to a 6 string, I was just wondering the thoughts of those who have them or have had them. I really like the look of the Warwick Corvette, I tried out a 6 string today and the high C string sounds awesome, especially for...
  11. Metamurphic

    First Elevenrack Recording.

    Listen to the first track on our music player Porterfield | Facebook Updated vocalist demo - "Nigel". Drums recorded live in a carpeted storage shed Bass DI Guitars Elevenrack Dual recto model We've only begun to scratch the surface on what this item of gear has to offer, so far it's very...
  12. progmetaldan

    Spiral Architect- First live gig in 9 years (pics)

    I only wish I could've been there myself, but it seems like there's finally some action happening again, and on their forum they've been talking about a more fusion based direction which would be awesome. :metal: Spiral Architect live pics A Sceptic's Universe is still one of my favourite...
  13. JoeGuitar717

    Steinberger Guitar for your 8 string guitar

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Steinberger GU Deluxe Guitar. MINT CONDITION. Modifications (if any): Bareknuckle Painkiller Humbuckers in BRIDGE & NECK Bareknuckle Slow Hand single coil in MIDDLE POSITION Accessories (hardshell case etc): Steinberger Gig Bag Trem Arm...
  14. JoeGuitar717

    White Steinberger guitar (BKP's installed) $600 OBO!!

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Steinberger GU Deluxe Guitar Modifications (if any): Bareknuckle Painkiller Pickups in Bridge and Neck Positions, Bareknuckle Slow Hand custom sized single coil in the middle position. Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original Steinberger Gig...
  15. J

    Shred This III Competition Entry by Ugur Dariveren

    My entry for Shred This III competition. Enjoy!
  16. S

    Help with purchasing my first tube amp!

    Hey guys! First time post here, but I check in often for tips and reviews, but now I could use some help. I've decided on buying a new amp (and my first tube amp!). I've been playing out of a Marshall 2x12 and its not really cutting it for me anymore. When I want to be smooth, I sacrifice gain...
  17. AngelVivaldi

    Hiromi- the Asian God of Jazz and Fusion

    So while I was on tour doing jazz, rockabiliy and blues one of the musicians turned me onto Hiromi.. the Asian God of music :lol: But in all seriousness, when I heard her I felt like I hit "the wall' Her talent and sense of melody is amazing and she's a terrific performer. I was surprised to...
  18. Scali

    [Youtube] Issei Noro - Top Secret (fusion)

    This is some solo work by Issei Noro, the guitarist from Casiopea, a Japanese fusion band. The guitar he's playing is his Yamaha IN signature model. I just ran into this video again, thought I'd post it here, because I quite like it. He does a great job of capturing that 60s...
  19. Jim Antonio

    Tony MacAlpine now endorsed by Ibanez!

    Awesome! MySpace.com Blogs - Tony MacAlpine MySpace Blog Really, really excited to hear him play 8 strings!
  20. Beardyman

    Nathan Sheppard Guitars Help!

    Hello folks! I'm madly in love with Nathan Sheppard's work, rediculous craftmanship! But, sadly he quit making guitars as a business, and as far as I know only builds as a hobby now. I've been trying to get a hold of him to see if theres any possibility of having a guitar made (I am in no rush...