1. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    7 String Solo Jazz with view

    New video here ! Enjoy the view !
  2. Hallic

    Kadinja, frech tech metal

    Full EP: Kadinja
  3. Valnob

    Betraying The Martyrs - Appreciation Thread

    Hello guys, I searched to see if there was any threads about Betraying The Martyrs here, but I didn't find any, so I started this one. We could talk about the band, their news, their gear and gigs, etc... Anyway, just today (they are on the Sick Tour 2 (with Chelsea grin) in the usa)...
  4. floyo123

    Scott French Custom SF3

    Unfortunately due to a bad money situation i have to let go of some of my beloved treasures. You may have seen this guitar being sold by Periphery´s Bulb/Misha on Facebook and i bought it and got it signed by him. It is a monster of a guitar and i´ve let it setup to D Standart and it is now in a...
  5. floyo123

    Scott French SF3

    Closed again - cya in a few days.
  6. floyo123

    Closed - Read the Classifieds Rules

    You don't meet the requirements to post adds to the classifieds :coffee:
  7. C


    Hi all! Dysfunctional is a French violent progressive metal. We are working on our first album called "John Stone lives" and it will be released on September 2011! You'll find 4 songs from this album on: - MySpace - BandCamp (lighter, faster and better quality than MySpace) - Facebook...
  8. Josh Lawson

    French Horror movies

    It is fashionable in America to hate the French. I don't care for all that nonsense, especially because they make some good movies from time to time. Some of the best horror movies are coming out of France, free from the annoying censorship that plagues this genre in other parts of the world...