1. Forkface

    Using a DAC with the Fractal FM3 & TV?

    Ok, so this question comes from my lack of knowledge of any sort of hi-fi setups, cables, I/O, etc. basically, i have a pair of yamaha HS7 monitors laying around since i upgraded on the desk, and was wondering if I could set them up on my small living room, basically as TV speakers. Now, i have...
  2. TedEH

    FM3 owners.... any weird USB behaviour?

    Yeah, I know, another FM3 thread.... And pinging the usual suspects, @budda and @Deadpool_25 Ever notice weird behaviour when a USB cable is plugged into a PC, but the unit itself is off? For a few days, when I had the unit off, but plugged into my desktop, it would go into a weird state...
  3. neurosis

    Ax8 to FM3 worth it?

    I am reading through the NGD thread but didn’t want to derail that, so posting here. I’m considering moving to the FM3 for size and capabilities. I mostly use an hx stomp and AX8 as desktop modelers in my apartment. Recently I’ve been wondering if a more compact version of the latter with...
  4. technomancer

    FS Fractal FM3

    Brief & Accurate Description: Excellent condition Fractal FM3. Protective plastic still on the displays Location (City,State or City,Country): Pittsburgh, PA International OK? : CONUSA only at this time Contact Info: PM me here References: Been a mod here forever... or at least it feels...
  5. ixampano

    I'm unsure about my next gear purchase

    TL;DR at the bottom. A little bit of background. I'm in Mexico, so prices and availability are quite different to what's available in the US/Europe. Things down here are, more often than not, more expensive than in the US (when it comes to gear) and we have way less options to pick from. I...
  6. Paul McAleer

    I think it’s time for an upgrade

    Been using an axe-fx ultra for 10 years now. I’ve been happy with it, but I’m fearing for the day it dies on me. For you axe users, has their really been a noticeable difference in the amp sim tones as of date? Imo, IRs/cabs make the biggest difference in tone. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes...
  7. Se7enHeaven

    Fremen Presets (for FM3) Acoustic and Rock-Metal

    Fractal Audio already has very decent presets in the FM3, which is one of its strong points. Previous versions of Axe products had some give and take among the critics, when it came to the presets and tone quality, but few are complaining about Fractal’s latest offerings. Consequently, when you...
  8. Se7enHeaven

    Fractal's FM3 floor modeler (with demo)

    If anyone is familiar with the Axe-Fx rack unit, it’s easy to suggest that this can be a very lengthy review, since so much can be done with the unit. The FM3, which is s a floor modeler version of the Axe-Fx III (same amps, cabs and effects) certainly is no different, and so I want to focus on...
  9. F

    Which guitar processor to buy?

    Hello guys! I have skipped a decade or so, having a pod x3 which I still like. Although it is time to get a new stuff, trying to choose - Could you please help? These are what looked / sounded nice to me: mooer ge200, hx stomp, fm3 Right now hx stomp is on the top of my list, due to no...
  10. ChugThisBoy

    *NEW* Fractal Audio FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Didn't found thread about it so I thought I'll create one. Fractal announced their new product and it seems to be a gamechanger (to me at least). Thoughts?