1. D

    Helix 3.0 Firmware Update Is Out

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but I figured I would let people know since it was kind of buried in other threads on TGP--Helix 3.0 is out and it looks to be a significant update: 8 blocks, polyphonic pitch shifting and a bunch of effects and a couple amps / cabs. Post...
  2. Lorcan Ward

    Axe-Fx 2 - Melodic Death Metal - Video

    Original metal clip in D standard trying out Firmware 9 on the Axe-Fx 2. The improvement in palm mutes and dynamics is crazy. I wasn't sold on previous firmwares and was thinking of selling it but FM 9 has sealed the deal.:shred: I'm using a blend of the Diezel VH4 + Mesa Boogie Dual...
  3. nojyeloot

    AxeFX II Firmware 6.00 is UP

    After a couple of days of Cliff and the gang taunting us with videos, clips and threads... it is finally upon us. Gentlemen, those of you that have one knows what this means! You'll need the banks too...
  4. El Caco

    No more official Digitech GSP1101 firmware updates.

    I just received a response to my question about updates and this really deserves a new thread. Here is the question I asked. Hi there, I own a GSP1101 and I just noticed that the RP1000 has models that the GSP1101 does not and are only available to GSP1101 users with the unsupported beta...