1. H

    Legator N7FP - Metal

    Got my hands not long ago on this guitar.. Awesome for the price. What do you think?
  2. S

    Feedbacks for Legator N7FP

    Hey Guys, I am planning to buy the Legator N7FP FanFret Multiscale guitar, I have read a lot of comments and articles about the Legator QC issues pre 2020 models. Are the post 2020 models good, with any QC issues? If any of you own a Legator or the N7FP, I would appreciate and love to hear...
  3. alessandroarzilli

    Harley Benton R-458BK FanFret - Too cheap...

    I bought my very first 8 string FanFret and reviewed it. Some pretty scary QC issues, but my expectations were really low considered it's a 180$ guitar. What do you think?
  4. woland

    Rick Toone Stealth | Fabio Mittino

    Hi! I've designed a new guitar with Rick Toone (and now I will have to sell my previous one, a custom S2... so if somebody is interested check Reverb in the near future). It feature all the ideas I came up with during the last seven years: a totally hollow body, made by two carbon fiber sheets...
  5. lewis

    NBD - REDSUB Coliseum 6 (Firetop)

    pics :) Absolutely love this thing. Plays amazing. Long term its going to get gold Hipshot Hardware (possibly - if not black Hipshot), and EMG pickups/Darkglass preamp. Stock tuners feel shit and the frets need polishing. Thats about the only bad things.. As you can see, I still...
  6. C

    Fanfret pickups

    Im new to these forums, so sorry if this is a redundant question but i havent seen a thread with the specific answers i was looking for. Im looking to change out the bridge pickup on a cheap fanfret 7 string and from what ive read, the main issue with fanfret pickups seems to be the poles not...
  7. unadventurer

    FS GOC Materia 2.0 (2019)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: I bought this guitar from Andrew Baena about two weeks ago and... It's just not for me. I just ordered a Solar so, I need to free up some cash. Condition is a 9/10. Small ding in the fret board that does not affect playability and a small scratch in...
  8. woland

    Fabio Mittino | Automatic Dreams

    Hi! Here's another video from my album "Simple Music for difficult People Vol.3" You can find more here: [email protected] Hope you'll like it.
  9. woland

    Fabio Mittino | Fractured Memories

    Hello! Here's a song inspired by Robert Fripp's Fracture, from my album Simple Music for Difficult People Volume 3 -Automata Saga- I used my Rick Toone custom, tuned CGDAEG, into API preamp, with a ring modulator and some delays. Hope you'll like it!
  10. lewis

    Harley Benton R457 fan fret - Project snowfall

    Picked this up for a steal once i saw they have changed to maple fretboards i was impressed. Feels good to have a fan fret again. This is really reall solid for the money. Some tool marks on the fretboard i need to lightly sand off and the fret ends are nice and smooth the side of the...
  11. ChugThisBoy

    The price is right?

    Hello there. I just pulled the trigger on used but in excellent condition (according to Reverb) Ormsby TX GTR 7 from one of the first runs in 2016 and payed ~1100$ for it (I live in Europe). Is this a good deal? The guitar looks perfect and it comes with original case. I can post a link to...
  12. Arthur McCay

    NGD: Harley Benton FanFret-7 BBB 2018 DLX

    Ooh whee! I've been waiting for this one for almost a month (thanks to Christmas holidays), but it's here after all. It's almost impossible to find reviews and real photos of this model so I decides to make this post where I would share my first impressions and give some heads up as for what you...
  13. J

    C#0 and F#0 strings (video)

    Like the title, I made a video of my playing my bass on mainly the C# and F# strings. Nothing fancy, just basic scales so you can hear how the strings sound. Signal Chain: bass - SansAmp RBI - dbx 266A - Ashdown ABM 500 - dbx (FX loop) - GK GoldLine 410, mic'd with an AKG perception 420...